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  • His First Time - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe stuffs her slave's mouth with her ashes

    There can’t be more luxury than a human ashtray, longing for your ash? We can tell you that this is not true. There is always a bigger and better so Lady Cloe decided to place two yawning mouths to her feet.

  • Eat My Ashes - BRANDNEW!

    Domina Paulina Rouge and her naked ashtray slave

    Yes look at her. What an amazing sight. What a bombshell. What a Lady. Don't let Lady Paulina Rouge fool you, though. She's sneaky, cunning, nasty and mean. So, she agrees on all the qualities that a dominatrix has to bring with the Sado Ladies. Don't you believe us? We almost thought so.

  • Severe Inner Thigh Punishment - BRANDNEW!

    Domina Paulina Rouge and her naked sub

    It's always exciting to watch when our great Lady Paulina Rouge prepares for a barbecue with slaves. Of course, these little gnomes are not invited to dinner. How would she do that? But preparation is always extremely important at such festivities.

  • Ashtray Fun With A View - BRANDNEW!

    Miss May & Lady Jolie Berrie with their two human ashtrays lying on the floor

    A sunny day on the roof terrace, 2 fantastic ladies and 2, let's call them that, somewhat worn-out gentlemen with ambitions to be trained as an ashtray! But it's not as easy as it sounds! After all, the two trainers are Miss May and Lady Jolie Berrie. It's going to be tough, really tough.

  • Silent Spitting - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe spits in her slave's mouth

    Dressed in black Lady Cloe is back. And she is bringing you a mouthful of joy and pleasure. Just in case that you’re a willing to swallow her innermost part. She knows how to tease, torture and tantalize her yawning little servant.

  • Cruel Double Boot Domination - BRANDNEW!

    Miss May & Lady Jolie Berrie dominating their pathetic bootlicker

    Welcome to another lesson in the math of pain! First of all, let's start with a very simple task. What is 1+1? Correct. humiliation. As we can see you have been a good and attentive student lately. Keep it up.

  • Dog Training - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe tritt auf ihrem Sklaven herum

    Oh, what a little dirty dog she has. Ill-bred and a head full of nonsense. This cries for a bunch of upbringing lessons to restore good manners.

  • Extreme Treatment FULL VERSION

    usually we film clips by a duration about 5-10 minutes and usually we script them with our actors. in the case of newest lady aurora nia noxx we decided to film a lil different as we filmed some longer sessions. so this here is the full length version of lady aurora applying some extreme vicious punishment.

  • Extreme Treatment 2

    here is the continuation of extreme treatment 1 already available here. in the first part lady aurora already slapped, flogged and whipped the slave very harsh, but in this part the action increases furthermore. now she takes out a long whippy riding crop and whip his ass and back with very hard strokes. the slave moans louder and louder but is very grateful of this treatment.

  • Bootworship On The Throne

    today we have another phantastic clip for our big fan community of beautiful strong women wearing leather and boots in command. we have gorgeous blonde goddess mistress akella today in the red throne room.

  • I Love To Play With You

    here we have another phantastic clip starring beautiful supersadist ezada. filmed in a lounge this mistress doesnt need much to play with her slaves. just a cigarette is enough.

  • Strong Man Trashed

    This clip is hard to describe. Let's say it so: After the shooting was done, Faye and Cloe were still in a cruel mood and her sadistic desires were not satisfied. That's why they decided to take the strong slave again and do all the bad things to him they wanted.

  • Double Domination

    A slave's dream comes true in this clip: To be dominated by two busty Mistresses in skin tight leggings and black leather corsets. Used as a human ashtray by one of the ladies while the other one spits into his mouth.

  • Gallery: Double Domination

    A slave's dream comes true: Dominated by two busty Mistresses in skin tight leggings and black leather corsets. Used as a human ashtray by one of the ladies while the other one spits into his mouth.

  • The Lost Slave - At Our Mercy

    Story Picture

    This is the last part of the successful lost slave story. The slave will get his collar back buut first he has to go through another nightmare!

  • Simply A Thing

    Story Picture

    From Lady Lilith's point of view a slave is simply a thing she owns and she can user for whatever she wants. And she likes to demonstrate that to her stable slaves.

  • Painful Milking

    Story Picture

    From time to time Lady Pascal milks her slaves to keep them attending and servile. It's most important that the slave must not enjoy his ejaculation to Lady Pascal milks them very painful.

  • Whipping The Cum Out - Part 2

    Story Picture

    Completely in english! The second part starts with Mistress Akella choosing the right cane for the further caning because the slave still doesn't suffer enough. Still he is not ready for a good milking. So the stunning goddess starts over the cruel beating.