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  • Gallery: Steel Room Ashtray Training

    Mistress Athena, dressed in skinny black leather jeans, louboutin heels, white blouse and black leather gloves trains a slave in the cold steel room as her human ashtray.

  • Worshipped On The Throne

    here we have another phantastic clip with gorgeous blonde british pro dom mistress athena. dressed in leather she has her house slave on a leash as she enters the relaxing room in her expensive and luxury bdsm club.

  • Worship The Ridinggoddess

    we are in the dungeon where a slave is already encaged by cruel british pro dom mistress athena. this cage is really special, made full of metal the head of a slave can be positioned outside a cage so its ideal for a mistress to play with her victim.

  • Lick My Overknee Boots

    here we have goddess athena today dressed in a wonderful fetish waredrobe with black leather heels. she comes into the dungeon, where the slave is already tied to a pillory. she loves to play a lil bit so she releases him down on all fours ordering to worship her high heeled leather boots from the sole to the end all over.

  • Your Prick Is Mine

    next wonderful clip here is a must buy for our fans of ballbusting and cbt. mistress athena is at its finest when it comes to these themes.

  • One Will Never Learn

    There are slaves who will never learn. They will never be perfect slaves. They don't kneel down when a Mistress comes into a room, they don't kiss their female owner's boots with enough passion and so on. Or is it because the Mistress changes the rules every day?

  • You Must Not Move

    This slave has to learn that he has to take his punishment like a man but it seems it will be a long way for him. Especially when the punisher is Mistress Athena, who is well known for a severe beating.

  • Gallery: Hot.Mean And Cruel

    Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet in your life. And she knows that and she loves to tease slaves before she abuse them.

  • Ashtray Competition

    Two slaves are bound to a wooden post, their hands up over their heads. Mistress Athena enters the dungeon, dressed only in lingerie, stockings, high heels and long leather gloves. She walks around them and tells them that they both want to become her private ashtray slave. This will now be a competition between them and then she will decide who will get this privileged position.

  • These Gloves Mean Punishment

    As Mistress Athena comes closer to two of her slaves, she puts on a pair of opera length, black leather gloves. She sees the fear in the slaves' eyes and she says: "You both know, these gloves mean punishment!" Athena wears very hot lingerie, stockings and amazing high heels. And she has a cane in her hand.

  • Hot, Mean And Cruel

    Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet in your life. And she knows that and she loves to tease slaves before she abuses them. Dressed in a skin tight, leather look outfit she enters the ladie's salon where one of the slaves is already bound to a post, ready for the Mistress to have some fun with him.

  • Gallery: Ballbusting Queen

    It's time to trash some balls and Mistress Athena is the Queen of Ballbusting. She is dressed in skin tight leather trousers, a white blouse and stiletto heels that are made to damage.

  • Big Cock - Big Ruin

    As Mistress Athena enters the dungeon, one thing is for sure: She is here to milk her slave! She is dressed only in expensive lingerie, long black leather gloves and sky high stiletto heels. The slave's cock is fully erected before his Mistress has reached the wooden cross he is bound to.

  • Goddess' Ashtray

    "Come!" Only one word and a short flip with her leather gloved fingers. That's all Mistress Athena has to do and immediately her big and strong slave arrives and kneels down in front of her crown without any further order.

  • A Painful Quiz

    When Mistress Athena is bored, she takes one or more of her slaves for her private quiz show. Today she has two slaves who kneel in front of her. The blond Mistress is dressed only in lingerie to make it more difficult for the slaves to concentrate on the questions.

  • Ashtray For Erotic Mistress

    Mistress Athena, the cruel blond beauty, is in the cellar with on of her slave. She has dressed in skin tight latex. It's not a dress, it's something to drive males crazy, especially if worn with stockings in thigh high boots.

  • The Anal Trainer

    This slave was brought to Mistress Athena, well known as the anal trainer, by his female owner for further training in strap-on.

  • Sharp Nails And Clamps

    As Mistress Athena crosses the room, the slave, who is bound to the cross, already struggles. Athena looks so stunning in her ultra tight, black outfit, that he wants to touch her so much. But there is no chance.

  • Gallery: Mistress Athena

    This gallery introduces Mistress Athena to our site, a lifestyle Mistress from UK with such a passion for play and an insatiable need to control.

  • Mistress Athena

    This clip introduces Mistress Athena to our site, a lifestyle Mistress from UK, who is known as one of the ultimate smoking queens and her preference for using slaves as a human ashtray.