Human Ashtrays

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Mistress Athena

This clip introduces Mistress Athena to our site, a lifestyle Mistress from UK, who is known as one of the ultimate smoking queens and her preference for using slaves as a human ashtray.

Mistress Athena lights up her cigarette, watching herself in the mirror. We are in the metal room, where everything is made of iron. Her stiletto heels make a dominant clicking sound on the hard floor as she walks around her slave, who is bound to the rack. She orders him to drop down and the strong man goes down on his knees. What a nice situation for the lady in skin tight leather trousers and a skin tight blouse.

She inhales the smoke and blows it into his face. She walks around him, spits into his mouth and uses it as her ashtray. She speaks friendly to him and within a second her voice becomes very hard. Ang again she drops the ash on his tongue... and so on and on...

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