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"I would never have thought to find a femdom site that offers so much content on the subject of "Human Ashtray". I am completely blown away. I hadn't imagined that in my wildest dreams. I think I've found a new home!"


"If I'm honest I was skeptical at first whether this page is the right one for me. But my hopes and expectations were exceeded. I've been a customer for several months now and I'm still absolutely satisfied with the content. I have hardly found a page that is tidier and offers more content. An absolute recommendation."


"Wow what a great selection of mistresses and “kinks”. At first, I doubted whether it was worth buying a ticket. But I was not disappointed at all. There are always new contents and new ladies. Thank you for the effort you make."


"I am so incredibly happy to have found this page. That was exactly what I've been looking for for a long time.

Fantastic models and a topic that appeals to me very much. The videos are great."

Rabbit's Review

"My advice to you: Don't piss off the Sado Ladies. Wielding bullwhips, canes and clad in latex and sky-high stilettos, they're maniacal about manipulating their male slaves and no one gets away without bruises, welts and a severely broken ego.

The Femdom material on Sado Ladies is top notch. Granted, the monthly fee is expensive and might make a few of you wince, but these captivating, merciless Mistresses are worth considering."

Femdom City Review

"As mentioned and verified as of (04 May 2009), this site currently has 43 hours length of video clips seperated into female domination, corporal punishment and boot slaves/boot fetish and is growing bigger every update.

The Mistresses featured are very lovely as you can see from the attached images in the gallery below which was specially taken by the website owner. The whipping and punishment scenes are hard and real.

This is probably amongst the very best in femdom you can find anywhere online!"


"Congratulations to the author(s), I have never seen such a professional femdom site on the internet! The whole world's most breathtaking and cruelest Mistresses' videos which i would rather call masterpieces can only be seen here! To obey these Ladies and lick clean their very expensive and elegant designer boots and pumps is an award for men. Such a huge dominance and arrogant Mistresses can´t be seen on any other kind of page like this on the whole web!"


"I want to congratulate you on the wonderful content on your site. I find I am mesmerised and transported into a glorious new world every time a start to watch one of these amazingly beautiful films.

The ladies are simply stunning; all of them and I love it that they obviously enjoy their tasks immensely; this is not acting, it's for real and they are all naturally very sadistic and magnificent. The scenes are exactly as I would expect for a submissive male and his domme controller. Well done and greetings from England."


"I have just purchased your latest clip on Clips4Sale and I must say it is one of your best clips to date, I hope there is more than one part to come and the whipping is just as severe as the first clip. Please get the next part up as soon as possible. Thank you."


"I must say "Bullwhip Lesson 1" is one of your best clips to date, I hope there is more than one part to come and the whipping is just as severe as the first clip. I would have loved to have seen Lady Pascal wearing leather thigh high boots in this scene perhaps sometime in the future. Please get the next part up as soon as possible. Thank you."


"I love your whipping clips."


"Excellent website! All is magnificent! All is made very professionally and qualitatively! Thanks very much for your work!"


"I have visited a lot of female domination websites but this is the best I have ever seen on the internet!"


"First, congratulations on a great site! Your mistresses are very exciting and level of domination and films is much above the others! I would love to be slave in your movies."


"Hi, having recently discovered your website, it is the most beautiful display of dominance i have seen. The ladies are all so beautiful and are the image of what a dominant woman should be."


"In my opinion this is one of the best femdom webs around. As a lover of sadistic females I really love the "Corporal Punishment" section. The punishments are very hard and the slaves really suffer. But for me, the most ipmortant fact is to see that the Mistresses love what they do. Keep on that good work."


"Thank you for the gallery. I was one of the member who wished a gallery because the Mistresses on your site are so stunning and beautiful. I love the photos and I hope the gallery will grow up fast. Thank you again for that wonderful site."


"First I want to say that your site is very beautiful. I hope you will make the clips for a very long time. All the Ladies are very elegant and nice and good dressed. My great interest is Leather and I like it very much."


"Many thanks to ALL of you to make also some nice, beautiful pictures. Many greatings to All the Ladies."


"I really love your new videoclips... I saw them all! You are very elegant and wicked and that is nice to see in your videos. I especially love them because of your amazing elegant and classy outfits you wear!

I love it when an evil elegant riding lady wears a white blouse with her collar up! I don't see it very often that a domina wears her collar up and I know that A LOT of people like it very much!

So thank you very much for your amazing videos and I really hope you keep making them!!!"


"I do not usually do this but I felt I should write to say how very impressed I am with your site. It is superb. I am a webmaster for an English Mistress and do occasionally visit other Mistresses sites to see what they are up to and see if there are any new ideas, techniques or scenarios that may be of interest. Your sites is one of the best I have come across. Nice to a site that promises good content in its preview and actually delivers it. I have to say Madame Catarina looks stunning in her outfits and is a wonderful disciplinarian. I find Lady Susan also very exciting and I am not normally aroused by TS/TV Mistresses. Thanks for your all your hard work creating a great site."