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Push Up Competition - BRANDNEW

Lady Iveta stands arrogantly over her ridiculous slaves

25-09-2023 Female Domination

And we give back to sport! Don't worry, we won't start broadcasting the next football game here. Our Lady Iveta just likes it a little sportier from her slaves today. She invited three more or less fit fellows to her studio ...

Red Roses Red Ass Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

Dominatrix Paulina Rouge has a firm grip on her slave's balls

21-09-2023 Whipping & Caning

...But hey, we've pulled a brutal video out of a hat for you. Similar to a magician pulling a colorful bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve, our Lady Paulina Rouge pulls out all the stops. The competition? Everything should shine ...

Nylon Worship And Punishment Part 2 - BR …

Mistress Selina Morgen armed with a cane smiles into our camera

17-09-2023 Boots & High Heels

In fact, we didn't expect that at all. In principle, our Lady Selina Morgan is not a friend of being close to her slaves. The end of the whip should always be closest to the victim's bottom.

First Punishment Of The Day Part 2 - BRA …

Mistress Mänada is scratching her helpless slaves back

13-09-2023 Whipping & Caning

What a lovely atmosphere. You almost feel a little like the young Empress Sissi. Of course, we have also put an empress for you on the boards that mean the world. Certainly not that graceful. But just as quick-witted. Just worthy ...

Disgusting Nasty Shower - BRANDNEW!

Madita Pain pisses her disgusting morning urine all over her slave

09-09-2023 Female Domination

One small zip for Mistress Madita one giant leap for poor little bugger. It is always a natural spectacle when the clouds open their locks! But who needs clouds when you can have the original?

The Dissatisfied Wife Part 2 - BRANDNEW! …

Beautiful Lady Iveta and her naked sub receiving some severe punishment

05-09-2023 Female Domination

Oh my goodness, we always black out when we see what our Lady Iveta does with the nipples of the slaves. Somehow, we always feel like we ask ourselves how that feels. We recently told a trainee that he should twirl ...

Lianes Play Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

Domina Liane enjoys her severe needeling play

01-09-2023 Female Domination

Are you afraid of needles? Are you worried about medical procedures? Or are you one of those people who, like our slave, sit expectantly on a gynecological chair and even look forward to the treatment? It's amazing what our slaves, or ...

Nylon Worship And Punishment Part 1 - BR …

Mistress Selina Morgen dressed in black lace nylon and heels

28-08-2023 Boots & High Heels

We're not quite sure what to call this new masterpiece by Lady Selina Morgan. But we are sure about the fact that it will be a fantastic 3- episode series. Like a pain trilogy or something like that. But like any ...

100 Strokes Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

tall goddess Miss Yuna and her helpless sub awaiting some severe punishment

24-08-2023 Whipping & Caning

It has to be an absolute honor in times like these. Fresh oil costs a fortune at the gas station, but nothing is too expensive for the slave for our Miss Yuna. Of course, it is clear to us that there are ...

Red Roses Red Ass Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

Domina Paulina Rouge behind her bounded whipping slave

20-08-2023 Whipping & Caning

He's such a charmer. This slave has by far the best manners in the business. Or is it pure selfishness? As the saying goes, "a bouquet of flowers opens a lady's heart". But in the end, it's completely different things that ...