Human Ashtrays

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Goddess' Ashtray

"Come!" Only one word and a short flip with her leather gloved fingers. That's all Mistress Athena has to do and immediately her big and strong slave arrives and kneels down in front of her crown without any further order.

Athena takes his collar and puts the chain around the armrest of the crown. His hands are chained on his backside. Slowly, Athena lights up a cigarette and inhales the smoke with big passion. She looks down at the slave and with an arrogant voice she says that she wants his mouth wide open now. It doesn't take a long time and she drops the first ash into his mouth.

Needless to say that Athena looks so stunning in her skin tight leather pants and the very tight blouse shows off her perfect body. From time to time she stands up and spits into the slave's mouth. Maybe to prepare him for the end of her cigarette...

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