Human Ashtrays

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Hot, Mean And Cruel

Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet in your life. And she knows that and she loves to tease slaves before she abuses them. Dressed in a skin tight, leather look outfit she enters the ladie's salon where one of the slaves is already bound to a post, ready for the Mistress to have some fun with him.

She lights up a cigarette, inhales the smoke and talks to the slave: He will be her human ashtray now and he will like it! And you can see that the Mistress is aroused by the strong slave in that helpless position. To know that she can do whatever she wants with him is so much exciting. She spits into his wide opened mouth, just to prepare him for the hot ash she drops down on his tongue a few seconds later.

She comes closer and closer to the slave who starts breathing faster. He tries to reach her, to feel her, to kiss her but of course he can't. The mean Mistress Athena really knows how to tease and denial. And guess, where she will stomp out the hot cigarette...? Yes, she is a cruel lady too.

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