Human Ashtrays

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Ashtray Competition

Two slaves are bound to a wooden post, their hands up over their heads. Mistress Athena enters the dungeon, dressed only in lingerie, stockings, high heels and long leather gloves. She walks around them and tells them that they both want to become her private ashtray slave. This will now be a competition between them and then she will decide who will get this privileged position.

Athena lights up a long and slim cigarette, inhales the smoke and then explains that an ashtray slave has to be on his knees with his mouth wide open all the time. Both slaves hurry up to open their mouthes wide now and Athena starts to blow the smoke directly into their faces before she drops down the hot ash on their tongues.

She really takes her time to enjoy the cigarette. So the slaves have to keep their mouthes open for a long time. They are also told to swallow the ash and to present a clean tongue. Athena helps them with a lot of spitting and hard faceslaps...

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