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  • Mystery Castle 2 - Part 9

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    This is the last part of this movie: Goddess Janet forces the caning of her victim up again. With her heavy rubber cane she beats his ass without any mercy. Arrogantly she walks around her chained slave, only a short break for the poor man, than the devlish caning continues...

  • Mystery Castle 2 - Part 7-8

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    The night has come, Goddess Janet is sitting at the bar, upstairs in the living rooms. She wears an amazing, black dress and high heeled mules. Her new slave kneels in front of her and the cruel lady shows him the cane again. He must bent over and a new beating starts... much more caning for his already damaged ass!

  • Mystery Castle 2 - Part 5-6

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    Goddess Janes stands above the slave in her skin tight, black and shiny outfit, wearing her high heeled, dominant boots. Her long blond hair open. But the slave can't see the stunning goddess. He is chained to the ground and receives stroke after stroke from her riding crop.

  • Mystery Castle 2 - Part 3-4

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    After the salvos of face slapping it's trample time now in the cellar. The slave has to lay down and Goddess Janets climbs his back with her ultra thin spiked heels. She tramples her victim with her full weight. Her shiny but painful boots make the slave moaning in pain.

  • Mystery Castle 2 - Part 1-2

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    Goddess Janet returns to her victim who is imprisoned in the cellar. She takes him out of the cage and forces him to lick her shiny but extreme dominant boots. The slave hesitates but as Goddess Janet uses her riding crop he obeys.

  • Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 6-8

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    The victim receives more and more hard strokes with the cane from the stunning goddess. The Mistress stands above him in her skin tight shiny outfit and she brings down the cane again and again...

    Then she takes off her jacket and gives you an awesome view on her sexy body... more femdom action with this sadistic femme fatale!

  • Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 4-5

    Story Picture

    Goddess James has put her victim into a wooden retainer now, so he is totally helpless. With a sadistic smile she chooses one of her cane and now the night can really start. Hard strokes with the cane and a yelping and jumping slave. Great sound of the cruel punishment device and a breath taking and stunning but merciless Goddess Janet.

  • Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 1-3

    Story Picture

    The mystery castle is a hidden place where spoiled girls make their sadistic dreams come true. They decoy their victims in exclusive bars and clubs with their sexy bodies and provocative clothes, promising stupid men hot nights.

    In this movie you can see Goddess Janet entering the castle with a new victim, a horny man she poached in a night club. She teases him so much that he agrees to play some different games. So she blindfolds him and gives him hard face slaps. The stupid man already thinks that's just the foreplay for a hot night...