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  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

    Closeup of Paulina Rouge's bare feet

    Our lady struts around the slave barefoot. Runs around him like a predator looking for the next piece of meat. We have already noticed that she has already found it on him, but that he is not showing any signs of life. So she chokes, pinches and scratches the worthless guy with all her might.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rougle puts her feet on her slave's face

    A slave without an erection after our Paulina Rouge took care of him? Impossible do you think? Then see for yourself. If it doesn't work with your toes, heels or the whole foot, just shove a few fingers down your throat. It will have some effect.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rouge plays with the slave's cock with her bare feet

    After a short orientation, the little imp can then blow his mistress's heels nicely and, above all, thoroughly. Like a hard cock, this little perverted bastard sucks her shoes like a pro. As if he would otherwise only appear in the darkest corners of a train station toilet.

  • Hard Hand Soft Flesh Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina laughs at her helpless slave

    Here we are again and what can we tell you. You can hand in your weak nerve costume directly at the cloakroom. The times when we still took your sensitivities into consideration are over. Now it's just full throttle and in the face. But did you expect anything different when you visited this site?

  • Red Roses Red Ass Part 4 (final) - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina squeezes her defenseless slave's cock

    The grand finale is imminent. Through unbelievable three parts, our slave was allowed to struggle only to achieve the desired color of the ass. The dumplings were just a bonus here. But it looks good. Uniformly in a soft red. But there is room for improvement.

  • Red Roses Red Ass Part 3 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rouge with her fixated defenseless slave

    Roses are red, the butt is still pale. The dominatrix laughs and the slave is in hell. For such rhymes we have attended the Sado-Ladies word-finding academy for a long time. Others would apparently also wish they were somewhere else than waiting bent over in front of Lady Paulina Rouge.

  • Red Roses Red Ass Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Dominatrix Paulina Rouge has a firm grip on her slave's balls

    ...But hey, we've pulled a brutal video out of a hat for you. Similar to a magician pulling a colorful bouquet of flowers out of his sleeve, our Lady Paulina Rouge pulls out all the stops. The competition? Everything should shine in rose red.

  • Red Roses Red Ass Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Domina Paulina Rouge behind her bounded whipping slave

    He's such a charmer. This slave has by far the best manners in the business. Or is it pure selfishness? As the saying goes, "a bouquet of flowers opens a lady's heart". But in the end, it's completely different things that are opened when our lady Paulina Rouge is on set.

  • Eat My Ashes - BRANDNEW!

    Domina Paulina Rouge and her naked ashtray slave

    Yes look at her. What an amazing sight. What a bombshell. What a Lady. Don't let Lady Paulina Rouge fool you, though. She's sneaky, cunning, nasty and mean. So, she agrees on all the qualities that a dominatrix has to bring with the Sado Ladies. Don't you believe us? We almost thought so.

  • Severe Inner Thigh Punishment - BRANDNEW!

    Domina Paulina Rouge and her naked sub

    It's always exciting to watch when our great Lady Paulina Rouge prepares for a barbecue with slaves. Of course, these little gnomes are not invited to dinner. How would she do that? But preparation is always extremely important at such festivities.