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  • Gallery: Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia

    Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia in Ultra Hot Catsuits

    Huge picture gallery with 60 pictures of Mistress Nemesis and Lady Sofia wearing different outfits like riding pants, corsets and wetlook catsuits!

  • 2 Riding Mistresses

    coming home from the stables the cruel riding girls mistress nemesis and mistress cloe gets home finding their slaves. the boots of mistress cloe are of course dirty after beeing in the stables so one slave has to lick them perfectly clean. an easy job for the old slave.

  • The Shoelicking Challenge

    Füße lecken in rotem Leder

    next clip with dominant ladies mistress nemesis and mistress cloe is here (in fact it was the first we made on that day). they have 2 slaves on leashes that has to crawl after them as entering the smoking room of the mansion.

  • Inspection!!!

    Domina mit Uniform und Flogger

    next clip with superstunning mistress nemesis! its called INSPECTION! in our world and in the prison where guardess nemesis rules everything here has to be clean and when she means clean it has to be spotless. so the 2 prisoners who are responsible for that are called and the bitchy guardess take on some white gloves and inspect the work of the inmates!

  • Brutal Punishment

    Guardess Nemesis is just in the mood today to thrash the living daylights out today in this superhot new punishment femdom clip! as in the other clips of this shooting she looks absolutely superstunning in gorgeous outfits and styled by a professional hair/makeup-artist. in this clip she uses everything she can get in her sadistic fingers to beat her prisoners black and blue.

  • The Shoe Fetching Game

    next actionclip starring goddesses mistress stella and nemesis! our bitches are in the mood to play some games with her slaves. the game is simple: stella throws away one of her shoes through all the room and the slave has to fetch it as fast as he can - of course crawling on all fours and by his mouth.

  • The Ridiculous Slave

    Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis, dressed like classic mistresses sit on the couch, a slave kneels in front of them

    here we have another classy femdom clip starring lady sofia and mistress nemesis. both ladies are sitting on a couch and want to have a lil fun today. with the house bell their house slave is ordered to crawl over to them. he is dressed superridiculous like a house cleaner in a flower dress. such a pathetic idiot. he is ordered to serve the ladies and has to bring them some drinks. as he does this by walking he gets some sharp faceslapps from mistress nemesis.

  • Gallery: Nemesis Mix

    Bonus picture set for fans of mistress nemesis. 2 small picture sets in one including a total amount of 35 pictures of nemesis (without any slave) wearing two beautiful outfits - one in all black / dark red with a corset, gloves and leather skirt and the other one a cool army uniform catsuit. Ultra hot!

  • Footmassage For The Ladies

    after beeing all day on high heel boots the feet of goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are aching. but a mistress always have a good life when having slaves, cuz their slaves here are ordered to take off the boots. next both slaves are ordered to massage the hurting feet.

  • Matriarchiat - The Whipping

    next phantastic clip starring beautiful countess stella and nemesis and its the next sequel of our new matriarchiat series... remember... our victim was accused by judge nemesis for several nasty things he did in the state where women rule and as he didnt gave in he was caned very hard by officer cassandra.

  • A Very Cruel Whipping

    the next clip we have today has not a big story. latex mistresses mistress nemesis and mistress cloe were just in the mood to do a hard whipping this time. so the slave was fixed between a door his rear perfectly exposed to the cruel goddesses.

  • Matriarchiat - The Caning

    its year 2100 now... in the future... after stupid men get human mankind near to end with the 3rd big war (partially nuclear) in 2060 that were the last decisions men made, cuz after it woman get the might all over the planet... starting on governements in those areas were mankind can live and it was getting through the whole society...

  • The Art Hour

    again we have a wonderful classic role play clip here. 2 pupils klaus and egon are ordered in the class-room and its time for an art hour today. lousy pupil klaus is ordered to paint a portrait on the chalkboard. stupid as he is he does it absoltely lousy making the teacheresses very angry.

  • Fat Slave Gets His Hands Strapped

    here we have another phantastic clip with strict teachers cassandra aka mistress stella and nemesis. they order today their pupil hans into the room. "you are too fat. you dont do sports. you eat way too many sweets all day. this isnt acceptable."

  • 2 Pupils Spanked Hard

    time for another role play clip with mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. 2 pupils did fight against in the pause in the school and they are ordered to come to the teacheresses still in a very aggressive mood. this behaviour has to be dished out.

  • Double Faceslapping

    today we have a phantastic VERY HARD faceslapping clip starring sadistic mistresses countes stella and mistress nemesis. both ladies looking absolut hot totally dressed in leather from head to toe! as they enter the hall of the mansion they have 2 slaves on a leash on all fours.

  • Lick Our Riding Boots

    here we have another phantastic clip starring our well known and feared dominant duo cassandra aka mistress stella and nemesis. as they were in their stables today they are dressed in their riding outfits while they sit down and order their slaves to crawl over to them.

  • Reset Whipping

    the slave is simply too dumb. all slaves are stupid of course, this is nothing special and all slaves can NEVER satisfy the needs of ladies, also not a suprise, but this one here is the most stupid slave ever. so its time now for some drastic methods to change it and the sadistic ladies mistress cloe and mistress nemesis dressed in wonderful uniforms decide to whip the slave so hard to do a brain resetting.

  • Muddy Boots Licking

    Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis in jodhpurs get their dirty boots licked by slaves

    goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis come home after having a good day in their stables. the bad thing about this is that their boots are now very very dirty and muddy all over. and beside other rules in their mansion there is the big rule that dirt is always unacceptable, especially on their waredrobe. the house slaves already await the ladies kneeling and they are ordered to clean the boots and lick them until they are totally spotless.

  • Army Whipping

    here we have the newest clip with mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. recruit karl is ordered to come over to the leading mansion as he preformred very badly in sports at least. so he is ordered by the cruel ladies to take his uniform down and bend over a short block in the hall.