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Muddy Boots Licking

Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis in jodhpurs get their dirty boots licked by slaves

goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis come home after having a good day in their stables. the bad thing about this is that their boots are now very very dirty and muddy all over. and beside other rules in their mansion there is the big rule that dirt is always unacceptable, especially on their waredrobe. the house slaves already await the ladies kneeling and they are ordered to clean the boots and lick them until they are totally spotless.

the poor slaves try as hard as they can but their mouthes are soon covered with mudd. they also have to lie flat on their back and this position is perfect to rub all dirt away from the soles. in the end the mouths of the slaves are full with all the mess from the stables and the boots of the ladies are clean. now the floor is also dirty and the slaves are ordered to deal with that next. class a special bootdomination as its finest!

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