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The Ridiculous Slave

Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis, dressed like classic mistresses sit on the couch, a slave kneels in front of them

here we have another classy femdom clip starring lady sofia and mistress nemesis. both ladies are sitting on a couch and want to have a lil fun today. with the house bell their house slave is ordered to crawl over to them. he is dressed superridiculous like a house cleaner in a flower dress. such a pathetic idiot. he is ordered to serve the ladies and has to bring them some drinks. as he does this by walking he gets some sharp faceslapps from mistress nemesis.

next they want to have some snack and as the slave hand it out first to mistress nemesis and not to her guest, he gets some more sharp slaps. this time by lady sofia. then they order him to dance in front of them and they have lots of fun watching the pathetic idiot. for this bad performance he gets more slaps and has to count them now. time for some sports now and he performs again very badly. next dose of sharp slaps - this time from lady sofia. the poor slave has to do other pathetic sings like jumping in a circle and walk like an egyptian and gets more slaps for beeing so stupid. classy femdom, classy ladies, classy outfits, classy location, classy action - as usual from us.

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