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  • Gallery: Red Whip - Red Gloves

    Mistress Ezada is always in a perfect style. Even the color of her whip matches the color of her leather gloves.

  • You Will Be My Ashtray

    "Well slave, unfortunately I forgot an ashtray so you will be my ashtray now!", Mistress Cloe says as she lights up her cigarette. But that was only a rhetorical information. As she passed that slave on her way to the suites, the mean beauty knew she would stop and abuse that slave who is so nice attached to the stairrail by his collar.

  • Gallery: Hot And Cruel

    Ella's strong slave is already waiting, masked and his hands tied up on his back with a black rubber harness. With an arrogant attitude Ella lights up a cigarette and starts teasing the slave. She pulls his head very close to her lips and blows the smoke in his mouth.

  • Hot, Mean And Cruel

    Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet in your life. And she knows that and she loves to tease slaves before she abuses them. Dressed in a skin tight, leather look outfit she enters the ladie's salon where one of the slaves is already bound to a post, ready for the Mistress to have some fun with him.

  • Tongue Out!

    Do you remember the boy who chatted up Lady Faye at a bar and who was made licking her boots that evening? This boy became her slave that night and he has found his place under her boots.