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  • Assfuck Punishment

    "the strokes i did on you earlier has broken you totally…so now its easy for me to enter" superbeautiful mistress lady mephista says in a soft voice while getting closer to her slave. his ass is well presented to his mistress with his arms bound behind.

  • Gallery: Caned By Mephista

    Downstairs in the cellars, where nobody can hear him screaming, the stunnning Lady Mephista delivers a very hard caning to a slave who is bounded to the punishment bench. The long legged Mistress simply looks amazing in her exciting latex body.

  • Caned By Mephista

    This is one of the very rare caning clips with the stunning Lady Mephista. The cruel Mistress walks into the dungeon, deep down in the cellar of the Residenz Avalon, where nobody will hear the slaves scream.

  • Private Party

    this clip starts in the dungeon where three males are imprisoned, nearly fully naked and masked. one of them is very tired and the others discuss how it came that they are here.

  • Forced To Clean Boots

    here we have another phantastic clip with superbeautiful mistress lady mephista. she is dressed in a white blouse, a black corset, shiny leggings and leather high heel boots.

  • Mephista's Ashtray

    It's the fate of a slave that he is abused by his owner whenever and however she wants. Especially if he is the property of Lady Mephista, who is known as the devil with the friendly voice. In this case, a working slave will serve the arrogant woman as a human ashtray.

  • Gallery: The Defiled Boots

    The photo set to the very successful clips of the defiled boots. See Lady Mephista interrogating one of her slaves because she found her boots messy. Will he confess? Of course, he will.

  • Cigarette Pain

    Imagine a nice summer day, your Mistress relaxes in a sunlounger and you, slave, may kneel very close to her. Like the slave in this clip who is allowed to be close to his owner Lady Mephista who wears such a short dress that the slave nearly can see her complete legs. And Mephista's legs are endless.

  • I Expect Perfection

    A slave does his work at the Residenz Avalon, a place for dominant women, but he is being watched by a young and dangerous Mistress. Lady Mephista, dressed in a skin tight corset and overknee boots looks at him and it is for sure, she has something in her mind.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 3

    Lady Mephista has returned to the cellar and she is wearing the defiled boots now. She looks at the slave who has such a big boot fetish that he licked them and finally he cum on them. There is still his cum all over the boots.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 2

    This is the second part of the defiled boots story. Maybe you remember that Lady Mephista slapped this slave's face very hard until he admitted that he has cum on her boots. Now, the cruel lady returns and she is back for make him suffer.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 1

    This clip features our new Mistress, Lady Mephista, who is a young, tall and sadistic Mistress. You will be surprised what a power turns out of such a gracile woman. That slave will know better when she has finished with him.