Female Domination

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The Defiled Boots - Part 1

This clip features our new Mistress, Lady Mephista, who is a young, tall and sadistic Mistress. You will be surprised what a power turns out of such a gracile woman. That slave will know better when she has finished with him.

We are in the basement, in the interrogation room of a femdom area and this slave was watched by Mephista how he used her boots to masturbate. Now he was brought downstairs. Nobody will here him and nobody will ask what Mephista has done to him.

But Mephista is a lady who enjoys to play with her victims. First she wants him to confess. Of course the slave tries to play possum but he did not expect her face slaps. He receives salvos of the hardest face slaps we ever filmed. His head is shaking from one side to the other and turns into a red color very fast. But Mephista has just begun...

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