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  • The Model Agency

    This clip shows what happens to a brave man who applys for a job as a secretary in a model agancy. Nothing special, you could say, but not, if Mistress Nemesis and Stella are the owners of the agency.

  • The Malicious Landlady 2

    Do you remember the luxury landlady who increased the rent so much that a young man was no longer able to pay? She offered him a special payment. She opened her handbag and took out a thin bullwhip.

  • Bossy Business Lady

    Do you know that kind of bossy business ladies who are used to be in charge and who expect that they get everything they want? Like Lady Pascal, who returns from a meeting in her expensive car, already hooting because her butler doesn't appear immediately although he should her the sound of the big engine.

  • Gallery: Business Dominance

    Do you dream of an arrogant, mean and merciless female boss, dressed in a skin tight business suit and high heeled boots? Than this gallery featuring Mistress Jenna will let your dreams come true.

  • Lesson 2

    The young but cruel business lady Cloe has bought a new slave. As always, she bought an old one because she loves to dominate old slaves. Usually they don't need a lot of training, they are easy to handle and obey every order. But this one seems to be different. He starts to discuss too many times, so Cloe decided that he has to spent the night in a small cage.

  • Lick, Or We Kick

    "Come on, lazy boy, you better do a good job!", Cloe says and pulls on the chain that is wrapped around the slaves neck. Her cruel sister Faye presents her spiked heels the the slave's tongue and immediately he starts to lick them.

  • Office Break

    This clip continues to tell the story of the brave book holder who was enslaved by the two arrogant secretaries. See the "You Are Our Slave Now" clip if you missed. The submissive male has to wait now in the hall behind the office building, just for the case that the young ladies come and want to be served by him.

  • You Are Our Slave Now

    Day by day the brave book keeper Fred meets these two breathtaking women at work. They always wear short skirts and tight blazers and he has never seen them without high heels. High heels, he desires so much and the arrogance of these women makes him shiver in devotion everytime.

  • Full Body Whipping

    This slave is in trouble. His cruel owner Mistress Jessica, who is known for severe punishments, has decided that's time for a full body whipping. She says that it's needed because of his bad behaviour but this slave is a brave boy and the real reason is that the sadistic woman just want to whip his well trained body for her own pleasure.

  • Good Morning Caning

    The same painful procedure every morning for this slave: A hard caning. 365 days a year, without any exceptions. What a poor boy and what a cruel lady.

  • The Leather Lady's Ashtray

    This clip is for the lovers of arrogant women, who wear black leather business suits, stockings and boots. Women, who have long and sharp, red polished fingernails and red painted lips. Women, who use men as their slaves.

  • Cruel Stepdaughters

    Since he got married again, this old man's life is a permanent nightmare because he now lives under the boots of his new wife's devilish daughters. They use every opportunity to make him suffer, to dominate and humiliate him.

  • The New Housekeeper

    As the new houskeeper comes into the small meeting room he already has that feeling that there is something different in that house. The arrogant landlady, who guided him into the room is, is dressed in a skin tight snake leather dress, matching overknee boots and short gloved. She wears a lot of expensive jewelry and she speaks with a low but dominant voice.

  • Just Four Digits

    This man has a little secret: He is the only one who knows the code to open a small box with important informations. He was brought to this place and now he finds himself bound to a metal rack, masked and half naked. A blond lady comes closer, dressed in skin tight jodhpurs, a provocative blazer and amazing boots with ultra thin high heels. It is Mistress Akella, known and feared for cruel interrogations.

  • How Dare You?

    As Mistress Jessica returns from a business meeting, she finds her private slave reading a bdsm magazine. As he hears the sound of her stiletto heels, he tries to hide the magazine from his owner but it's too late already. Mistress Jessica grabs the magazine, browses through the pages and asks him: "Are you looking for other Mistresses? How dare you?"

  • Clean Your Tongue, Ashtray!

    Dressed in skin tight leather, Lady Pascal starts training a new slave. He is still in the cage he was delivered in. Naked, a nice contrast to the arrogant lady in black leather. The training starts simple but it is important.

  • Husband Correction

    Lady Blackstone's husband is an old guy and maybe it is his age that makes him insubordinate from time to time. In that caes, it is time to visit Mistress Jenna, who is known for her merciless cerrection of such husbands.

  • None Of Your Excuses

    Countess Stella returns from a female friend and she looks so stunning. The blond goddess wear skin tight leather trousers, a leather corsage, boots and long gloves. She calls her slave and immediately starts to call him names.

  • Bad Impression

    Mistress Jessica is waiting for a candidate who wants to get the job as her new house keeper. It seems he is a little bit late so Jessica is already in a bad mood as he arrives. The boy is apologising very politely but Jessica has already found another point she don't like. His outfit.

  • The Password - Part 2

    As the two business ladies return to their victim they are more than angry. The given password was wrong. "You want to play a game?", Cloe hisses at him. Both ladies already have canes in their hands. "Ok, then let's play!", she continues and they release him from the rack, lead him to a black couch and order him to bend over.