Boots & High Heels

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Lick, Or We Kick

"Come on, lazy boy, you better do a good job!", Cloe says and pulls on the chain that is wrapped around the slaves neck. Her cruel sister Faye presents her spiked heels the the slave's tongue and immediately he starts to lick them.

This slave knows that he should lick for his life now because the cruel sisters are known as merciless young ladies. Look at Faye's shoes and you know what I am talking about. The tip is peppered with sharp spikes and all he can do is pray and hope that she will not kick him as she always do if she is not satisfied with his work.

While Faye stands high above him, her cruel sister Cloe stands behind him and she adds authority to her orders with the riding crop. Cloe is dressed in skin tight jodhpurs and knee high designer boots with heels that are dangerous as Faye's shoes are. And he knows that also Cloe does not hesitate to make use of her stiletto heels...

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