Whipping & Caning

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Husband Correction

Lady Blackstone's husband is an old guy and maybe it is his age that makes him insubordinate from time to time. In that caes, it is time to visit Mistress Jenna, who is known for her merciless cerrection of such husbands.

And Jenna's philosophy is as simple as males are: Pain! An insubordinate husband needs to be punished without hesitation and without any mercy. That's why everything is prepared for a harsh caning as Lady Blackstone arrives with her husband. There is not much talk. With a strict voice, Jenna bosses the old man and makes him drop off his pants and bow over the punishment bench.

And then she starts her correction program. While his wife sits down in the soft chair and faces the man, Jenna delivers hard strokes to his ass that immerdiately turns into a nice red color. His promises to become a better husband do not help him. Rather, Jenna invites his wife to join her. After a short introduction how to handle the cane, it's now Lady Blackstone's turn. And she really puts all her frustration about his bad behavior into this punishment...

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