Whipping & Caning

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The Password - Part 2

As the two business ladies return to their victim they are more than angry. The given password was wrong. "You want to play a game?", Cloe hisses at him. Both ladies already have canes in their hands. "Ok, then let's play!", she continues and they release him from the rack, lead him to a black couch and order him to bend over.

While one of the cruel beauties is sitting on his hands now, the other one starts caning his ass. He struggles and moans in pain but the heartless business ladies don't stop to interrogate him. They want to know the password. There is only a short break for him when they change their positions. Now Cloe sits on his hands. Her beautiful legs so close to his face. But Sarah is beating him like crazy.

It is for sure that they will not stop this time until the know the right password.

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