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  • The Cruel Wardens

    These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of their style.

  • We Break You

    It's deep at night, round about 2 am, as the door of the cellar is opened and 2 of the cruel guards enter the small, dark room, where the prisoner tries to get some sleep after a day full of whipping and hard work. Unfortunately the guards are Faye and Cloe, known for being mean and sadistic.

  • The Slave Clinic

    This slave has spent the last hours in a small cage. Now, the sound of stiletto heels comes closer. All he can see is the white lab coat and that the female doctor is wearing thigh high leather boots under it. It is Mistress Akella who keeps him imprisoned here for her cruel experiments.

  • Ashtray Prisoner - Lady Faye

    Down in the basement an man is chained to the wall. He wears prisoner's clothes because he is a prisoner in Lady Faye's institut for training males to become perfect slaves. This boy was brought by his Mistress to be trained as an human ashtray.

  • Be Quiet!

    A slave is caged deep down in the basement for hours now. He has no idea where he his, who brought him to this place and why he is here. His calls for help sound through the cold basement but there is nobody else.

  • The Mad Secretaries - Part 2

    Do you remember the mad secretaries who keep the new gardener imprisoned in the basement of the company. It's after work now and they return, dressed in skin tight, dominant outfit and on high heels.

  • The Defiled Boots - Part 1

    This clip features our new Mistress, Lady Mephista, who is a young, tall and sadistic Mistress. You will be surprised what a power turns out of such a gracile woman. That slave will know better when she has finished with him.

  • Cruel Ashtray Drill

    "So, you are the new slave here?", Madame Charlotte asks the prisoner as she enters the small room in the basement. "You're brought to me by your Mistress because she is not satisfied with your ashtray service!", the blond lady continues while she lights up a cigarette.

  • Abused At Midnight

    It's dark in the basement, especially in that deep hole the slave is caged in after a hard working day. It's wet and it's cold and he knows, he still can't sleep because at midnight one of the cruel women will come and abuse him. There is the sound of the church clock in the background, the lights is turned on and the sound of high heels comes closer.

  • Extreme Boot Drill

    It's deep in the night, the prisoners are sleeping, as the door is opened and the light is turned on. "Up", is the strict order Madame Charlotte shouts into the cellar and before the prisoners can realize what happens, the are kicked out of there wooden beds by her heavy leather boots.

  • Doubled Pain

    A prisoner kneels down on the floor, facing the wall. His bottom is already painted red from previous beatings and whippings. But there is still much more to come. Two young ladies enter the hall, dressed in skin tigh army outfits. And believe me, just the look at these ladies and how they walk on their stiletto heels is worth to watch this clip.

  • Nasty Guard

    A prisoner in the femdom world has no easy live. Chained to the wall he has to spend hours and days in the same position in a dark and cold cellar. But there is one thing that adds insult to injury: Lady Faye and her acts of caprice!

  • Abusing The Prisoner

    It's late in the night as the heavy iron door to the slave cell in the basement opens and someone enters the cell. There is the sound of high heels and then the light turns on, someone kicks the prisoner with high heeled boots, followed by the sharp command: "Up!"

  • Pain Trilogy III

    This is the last but most cruel part of the Pain Trilogy. Madame Charlotte has save the best for the rest. Her thick cane. She feels so powerful in her leather uniform and she enjoys her power over her male victim.

  • The Interrogation - Caning

    As officer Sarah and Cleo return to the hall, they are more than angry. The prisoner they interrogated before, gave them a wrong information. Bad idea. Both ladies have canes in her hands now. The rebel says that he is sorry for that but Cloe answers: "Oh no, I know you don't feel sorry for that but you WILL!"

  • Make Me Compliments

    He has been alone in that dark and clammy basement for several hours, kneeling on a hard bench, facing the wall. But now the dominant sound of high heels comes closer and closer.

  • Pain Trilogy II

    Somewhere in Berlin, somewhere in the cellar of an old house. A slave is chained to the wall for several hours now until Madame Charlotte enters the room. She is dressed in heave leather trousers, high heeles boots and long leather gloves.

  • The Interrogation - Faceslapping

    A member of a small resistance group was catched by two female officers and brought to a secret place. In this world of female domination there is only a small group of males left who try to fight against the cruel female regime.

  • Boot Prisoner - Part 2

    The Hunteress continues to train the prisoner. It is so hard for him because he has to stand on a small ladder inside the hole to reach her boots. At the same time he has to lick them with big passion. The mean lady wants to feel his tongue through the latex.

  • Boot Prisoner - Part 1

    Alone in a hole for several days. Heavy iron bars above his head. Darkness everywhere... Today there is a light and the sound of high heels comes closer.