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  • Cruel Leather Training

    Mistress Ella Kros doesn't need to beat the slave to make him suffer in pain. There are much more mean ways. Especially if she presents herself in such a stunning leather outfit in front of this leather fetishist. To see her dressed like this already makes him suffer because he know he may not touch her.

  • Lick My Flower Heels

    here we have the next clip with superhot pro dom ella kros. she looks absolutely stunning in a semi transparent lilac rubber outfit. on her adorable feet she wears personal flower peeptoepumps with metal heels.

  • Lick My Leather Boots

    "hi slave, are you ready to worship my boots" asked fully dressed in leather mistress ella kros her slave who is tied in a very incomfortable position with his legs fixed on the wall.

  • Sadistic Boots

    All of Mistress Ella's slaves know: If the Mistress is dressed like this in skin tight black leather, she is in the mood for a hard punishment. But if she also wears these shiny and dominant boots, one of the slaves will be in real trouble. Everytime the mean lady wears this boots, she is in the mood to make a slave suffer.

  • Gallery: Leather Goddess

    Mistress Ella Kros wears classic leather in this picture set: A black leather body, black leather lace-up boots and of course black leather gloves. She looks so stunning and her happy slave is allowed to worship her boots.

  • Leather Faceslaps

    Ella Kros is in the mood to see her strong slave suffer. Dressed in a short red leather skirt and a black leather top, she comes closer to her male victim, who is bound into a spiderweb of ropes. She gently touches his face with her leather clad hands and she smiles at him.

  • Suffer Twice

    Ella Kros is disappointed with her slave but if you watch this clip you will see that this is just an untenable assertion. She wants to play with him and she wants to have fun.

  • Gallery: Hot And Cruel

    Ella's strong slave is already waiting, masked and his hands tied up on his back with a black rubber harness. With an arrogant attitude Ella lights up a cigarette and starts teasing the slave. She pulls his head very close to her lips and blows the smoke in his mouth.

  • Clean My Boots!

    "Slave, come here, I want you to lick my boots clean and shiny!", Mistress Ella calls her slave with an arrogant voice. She absolutely knows what her slaves feel like when she wears her skin tight, half see through latex catsuit and this pair of dominant boots. He falls on his knees immediately and crawls closer.

  • Cruel Leather Smoker

    "You are such an useless slave!", Mistress Ella says, looking down at her slave and then she starts laughing. Of course he is not able to light up her cigarette with his hands chained on his back. But Ella loves to humiliate him this way.

  • Spiderweb Whipping

    A strong slave is handcuffed in a web of ropes that looks like a spider web and like a black widow, Ella Kros walks in front of him. dressed in skin tight black and boots that say she will hurt him. Already aroused by his helplessness she watches him, thinking about how she will start the whipping.

  • Beating My Husband

    "Come on, darling, don't be afraid!", the mean wife says with a soft voice as she leads her husband into the dungeon in the basement of the house. His dick is fully erected already. This is no surprise if you see how Ella Kros is dressed in this clip.

  • Gallery: Leather Dominatrix Ella Kros

    Ella Kros in this picture set, dressed in black leather trousers and a breath taking black leather top. Classic Dominatrix style with a long and thin dressage whip.

  • The Russian Cane

    "I am going to teach you some Russian!", Ella Kros says the the slave who is bound to the cross at the wall. But her skin tight and half-transparent latex catsuit and the way she walks in her ultra dominant, knee high boots make clear that she is here for satisfying her her cruel desires.

  • Kiss The Hands That Slap Your Face

    Making a slave a victim of his own fetishes is such a nice game for Mistress Ella and making a slave worship her leather gloved hands before slapping his face brings her so much arousing anticipation.

  • More Pain

    There is this fantastic sound of stiletto heels on wooden floor as Mistress Ella Kros enters the room. She has a slave behind her, on all fours, leading him directly to a punishment bench.

  • Ruined By His Cruel Wife

    Back in the cellar where Ella Kros is the cruel wife who enjoys being in charge over her husband. She has dressed in a skin tight latex body that is half see-through and she knows that drives him crazy.

  • Leather Sadist

    A cruel lady like Ella Kros, dressed completely in skin tight, black leather, dominant lace-up boots, with a cigarette in her leather gloved hand.

  • Shut Up!

    This clip shows a very mean and cruel Ella Kros, who is dressed in a very short leather skirt and a skin tight leather top. Her slave kneels in front of her while she pulls him closer on the chain that i attached to his collar.

  • Beaten Headlong

    Mistress Ella looks down from her throne, where she sits like a goddess in black leather. Her skin tight black top shows off her breath taking breast. Amazing.