Human Ashtrays

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Cruel Leather Smoker

"You are such an useless slave!", Mistress Ella says, looking down at her slave and then she starts laughing. Of course he is not able to light up her cigarette with his hands chained on his back. But Ella loves to humiliate him this way.

Ella looks stunning in her skin tight, black leather outfit and her black lace-up leather boots leave no doubt who is in charge. This is the classic dominatrix outfit that makes every slave falling on his knees. The mean lady bents over and blows the cigarette smoke into his face before she orders him to opne his mouth. With a cruel smile she drops the hot ash on his tongue.

From time to time he is allowed to kiss her amazing boots. But just for a short moment, then she digs her heel into his nipples and he has to go back into his slave position to take more from her cigarette ash. And he knows what happens when she has finished this cigarette...

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