Boots & High Heels

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Cruel Leather Training

Mistress Ella Kros doesn't need to beat the slave to make him suffer in pain. There are much more mean ways. Especially if she presents herself in such a stunning leather outfit in front of this leather fetishist. To see her dressed like this already makes him suffer because he know he may not touch her.

Of course, that is not enough to arouse the cruel beauty. She has put a metal spiked belt around his balls that is attached to his cage. Now, when she orders him to crawl closer, the leash tightens and the spikes bits into his balls. A loud moaning is the result. A sound that arouses Ella so much. He will be allowed to open the laces of her overknee boots now but first she makes a step backward, to make it much harder for him.

He wants to touch the soft leather so much, that covers her amazing legs. But reaching her boot means incredible pain to his balls. What a cruel buut funny game for the mean woman. She sits down and he is ordered to put off the second boot. Then, he is so close to her legs, so close to her thighs. And the spikes sting into his balls deeper and deeper...

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