Female Domination

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Kiss The Hands That Slap Your Face

Making a slave a victim of his own fetishes is such a nice game for Mistress Ella and making a slave worship her leather gloved hands before slapping his face brings her so much arousing anticipation.

Dressed completely in leather, Ella sits on her crown, a slave kneels in fron of her, his hands bound to his back. His eyes speak books, he can't take off his eyes from her long black leather gloves. With s sweet voice Ella tells him that he hast to worship these gloves and her hands now and with the same voice she tells him that he is such a disgustion male.

Everytime he has worshipped and kissed her hands for a while, Ella gives him hard face slaps, a lot of face slaps and then the game starts over. She continues to humiliate him verbally but she knows that she could make doing him everything she wants, because of his fetish.

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