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  • Selinas Play Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Selina Morgan tortures her slave with her cruel nipple torment

    Yes, she is very playful, our Lady Selina Morgan. In fact, she uses every little opportunity to let her play instinct run free. We think that makes them good and it also benefits us all. We're not talking about poker, backgammon or battleships here, of course.

  • Faceslapping Deluxe Part 2 - BRANDNEW

    Lady Iveta hits her slaves face with the leash

    What a grumpy old man. Of course, you are always a bit intimidated when you kneel at the feet of our Lady Iveta. But actually, the mood should be a little better there. A small smile, on the other hand, could also be misunderstood and lead to penalties.

  • Latex Slaves Bootlicking - BRANDNEW

    Mistress Cloe slaps her naughty latex slave

    Mistress Cloe is back with yet another masterpiece of finest femdom art. Dressed in an emerald green corsage she has another exciting job for a willing boot-black.

  • Faceslapping Deluxe Part 1 - BRANDNEW

    Lady Iveta pulls her slaves on the leash

    What a grumpy old man. Of course, you are always a bit intimidated when you kneel at the feet of our Lady Iveta. But actually, the mood should be a little better there. A small smile, on the other hand, could also be misunderstood and lead to penalties.

  • Socks Off Stupid Slave - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe has her high boots kissed

    The first thing you learn when your become an adult, if it’s getting hotter turn off your socks. This wisdom handed down through generations but in this cinematic masterpiece we have very unteachable guy who has to learn his lessons.

  • Rubberwhore - The Ashtray - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe bläst ihrer Gummischlampe Rauch ins Gesicht

    Oh, what a lovely sunny day. You can see how Mistress Cloe is enjoying her weekend after all these weeks of submission and domination. We can say that she deserves some rest after all these kinky pleasures she spent.

  • Rubberwhore - The Merciless Whipping - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Cloe gibt ihrer Gummischlampe eine Ohrfeige

    Hell yeah, it’s time for spring cleaning at Mistress Cloes’ penthouse. It could be worse, because Mistress Cleo has found her most thorough living broom you can imagine. Maybe to tall for a small cubbyhole but who cares.

  • Wet Slaps - BRANDNEW!

    Mistress Madita verhaut ihren Sklaven

    At first, we thought there was applause. But then we recognized Mistress Madita was back. Like a walking mural, because of her hypnotic tattoos, she takes care of a very poor soul again.

  • Cruel Faceslapping - BRANDNEW!

    Sklave auf allen Vieren und Herrin Cloes Stiefel

    There she stands, strong like concrete, willing like a one-woman army and equipped with the view to a bitchslap. Mistress Cloe will show you how to go down on your knees and beg for the next impact.

  • Stupid Oil Slave - BRANDNEW!

    Domina blickt auf ihren Sklaven

    Lady Iveta is back and she needs it slippery. Dressed up in her red and golden latex dress, she is a queen sitting on her throne of domination.

  • Spike Gloves Faceslapping - BRANDNEW!

    Domina mit Sklave

    Welcome Lady Iveta in her newest clip. Dressed in severe garments she introduces her skills in slapping slaves face gently but with precise accuracy. With a gloved tight grip she starts to discover her slaves body just to let him know who is master and who is slave.

  • Extreme Treatment FULL VERSION

    usually we film clips by a duration about 5-10 minutes and usually we script them with our actors. in the case of newest lady aurora nia noxx we decided to film a lil different as we filmed some longer sessions. so this here is the full length version of lady aurora applying some extreme vicious punishment.

  • Gloves Slapping

    supercool faceslapping clip is what we have today for you outthere. and when we say supercool, we mean it. to be honest, this is one of the best ones ever made we think, cuz beautiful mistress iveta had made so incredible progresses in domination you wont trust your eyes...

  • Drunken Slave

    Sklave mit 2 Ladies in Leder

    today we have a wonderful special roleplay clip with goddesses miss jayla and mistress medina! its late in the morning and the slave appears as both mistresses awaiting him already. the poor slave - as stupid as he is - is drunken after a good party with his friends and stumbling about this and that. very respectless. he didnt expect that his ladies was waiting on him. well, the ladies surely will teach him a lesson that he will not forget too soon.

  • A Face Made For Slapping

    Here is the next clip in cooporation with our friends from femdomfoto starring natural dominant mistress Lady Aurora Nix Noxx. she has a bad day and is very frustrated. so its good to her, that she has a personal punishment slave to dish out her frustrations. and she is in the mood to do this today by hard faceslapping.

  • Husband Education 3

    lets go on here with 3rd part of long husband and his wife feature starring brandnew mistress lady aurora nia noxx. in the first two parts we saw a wife bringing her husband to a dominatrix to teach him some lesson and to improve his manners and behavior.

  • Extreme Treatment 2

    here is the continuation of extreme treatment 1 already available here. in the first part lady aurora already slapped, flogged and whipped the slave very harsh, but in this part the action increases furthermore. now she takes out a long whippy riding crop and whip his ass and back with very hard strokes. the slave moans louder and louder but is very grateful of this treatment.

  • Extreme Treatment 1

    here we have the next feature with newest lady aurora nia noxx. in this one her slave is already awaiting her kneeling in her cage. first she takes him out of the cage and apply some serious slaps to his pathetic face. she also uses leather gloves here and slaps him so hard that she looses her gloves by slapping which she think is pretty funny.

  • Slapped By Young Ladies

    next wonderful clip with mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. mistress nemesis showing her friend her slave that awaits them kneeling in the hall. she announces to her that this slave can take a lot of punishment so the ladies decide to dish out some frustration by some faceslapping.

  • Husband Education 2

    here we have today the second part of the long feature with brandnew lady aurora nia noxx and a mysterious lady. just as a reminder: part 1 is already available here. a lady brings her husband to a dominatrix cuz he shown a bad attitude and behaves very bad.