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  • Gallery: Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia

    Mistress Nemesis & Lady Sofia in Ultra Hot Catsuits

    Huge picture gallery with 60 pictures of Mistress Nemesis and Lady Sofia wearing different outfits like riding pants, corsets and wetlook catsuits!

  • The Ridiculous Slave

    Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis, dressed like classic mistresses sit on the couch, a slave kneels in front of them

    here we have another classy femdom clip starring lady sofia and mistress nemesis. both ladies are sitting on a couch and want to have a lil fun today. with the house bell their house slave is ordered to crawl over to them. he is dressed superridiculous like a house cleaner in a flower dress. such a pathetic idiot. he is ordered to serve the ladies and has to bring them some drinks. as he does this by walking he gets some sharp faceslapps from mistress nemesis.

  • Footmassage For The Ladies

    after beeing all day on high heel boots the feet of goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are aching. but a mistress always have a good life when having slaves, cuz their slaves here are ordered to take off the boots. next both slaves are ordered to massage the hurting feet.

  • Muddy Boots Licking

    Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis in jodhpurs get their dirty boots licked by slaves

    goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis come home after having a good day in their stables. the bad thing about this is that their boots are now very very dirty and muddy all over. and beside other rules in their mansion there is the big rule that dirt is always unacceptable, especially on their waredrobe. the house slaves already await the ladies kneeling and they are ordered to clean the boots and lick them until they are totally spotless.

  • Useless Slave Sent Back After Whipping

    next clip with gorgeous bitches lady sofia and mistress nemesis. dressed in superhot uniform catsuits their pathetic new slave awaits them in the smoking room. the new slave was tested by them in the past weeks, but he was total crap.

  • Bitches Demand Bootlicking

    here is a brandnew clip starring beautiful ladies lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the ladies come home to their mansion after having a good shoppingtour on a sunny day. they sit down on their couches in the living room and order their house slaves to crawl over to them.

  • Double Frustration Cropping

    the house slaves of the mansion are relaxing on the couches of the smoking room in the mansion. they talk about their ladies in a matter where they should be VERY safe, that no one hears it.

  • The Lousy Butler

    the house butler is cleaning. cleaning in the smoking room. mistress nemesis and lady sofia appear, dressed in superhot corsets, leather skirts and leather gloves. the butler has to kneel down and for bad cleaning he gets for sure a punishment.

  • Gallery: Sofia The Officer

    Officer Lady Sofia in black wetlook catsuit and uniform cap

    Today we present a phantastic image set with 31 pics of stunning lady sofia wearing a suuuuuuperhot wetlook police officer catsuit, gloves and boots you are going to lick from where you belong - the floor!

  • Gallery: Double Trouble

    A little bonus update this week for all you leather lovers... Check out Lady Sofia and Mistress Nemesis wearing leather skirts, leather gloves, corsets and elegant high heels. They look absolutely stunning playing with their whips...

  • The Whipping Test

    new clip starring lady sofia and mistress nemesis. both ladies dressed in expensive catsuit uniforms and boots the clip starts as mistress nemesis relaxes on a leather couch while her old slave is misused as a footrest.

  • 2 Slaves Punished And Tortured

    here we have another phantastic clip with beautiful mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the bitches are in the mood to have some fun today with their house slaves.

  • 2 Slaves Dominated And Humiliated

    Mistress Nemesis and Lady Sofia humiliate their slaves

    dominant mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are in the smoking room of their mansion today. dressed in beautiful corsets, black leather skirs, leather gloves and superexpensive high heel pumps on their feet they order their slaves to crawl over to them and to serve them.