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  • Latex Slaves Bootlicking - BRANDNEW

    Mistress Cloe slaps her naughty latex slave

    Mistress Cloe is back with yet another masterpiece of finest femdom art. Dressed in an emerald green corsage she has another exciting job for a willing boot-black.

  • Push Up Competition - BRANDNEW

    Lady Iveta stands arrogantly over her ridiculous slaves

    And we give back to sport! Don't worry, we won't start broadcasting the next football game here. Our Lady Iveta just likes it a little sportier from her slaves today. She invited three more or less fit fellows to her studio to check their level of fitness. The good news, all 3 can do one push-up. So at least one. But of course, she expects a little more from her victims.

  • Fucking On The Gynchair Part 2 - BRANDNEW!

    Madame Eva-Liliel Black mit ihrem Sklaven auf dem Gyn Stuhl

    Preparation is everything. Not only when you really want to fuck the slave in the ass. Actually, the dirty little dog deserves a really nice dry fuck. With a lot of pain and friction like sandpaper. But our Madame Eva-Liliel is not a monster and knows how to prepare the small, narrow and dirty hole for penetration.

  • Fucking On The Gynchair Part 1 - BRANDNEW!

    Madame Eva-Liliel Black mit Strap-on vor ihrem Sklaven

    Preparation is everything. Not only when you really want to fuck the slave in the ass. Actually, the dirty little dog deserves a really nice dry fuck. With a lot of pain and friction like sandpaper. But our Madame Eva-Liliel is not a monster and knows how to prepare the small, narrow and dirty hole for penetration.

  • A Surprisingly Good Massage - BRANDNEW!

    Lady Iveta's wunderschöne nackte Füße

    It is said that bears should be the best masseurs in the world. Sounds strange, we know that. And we are not really sure if they really mean bears or just men with beards.

  • Cruel Faceslapping - BRANDNEW!

    Sklave auf allen Vieren und Herrin Cloes Stiefel

    There she stands, strong like concrete, willing like a one-woman army and equipped with the view to a bitchslap. Mistress Cloe will show you how to go down on your knees and beg for the next impact.

  • 2 Riding Mistresses

    coming home from the stables the cruel riding girls mistress nemesis and mistress cloe gets home finding their slaves. the boots of mistress cloe are of course dirty after beeing in the stables so one slave has to lick them perfectly clean. an easy job for the old slave.

  • Gloves Slapping

    supercool faceslapping clip is what we have today for you outthere. and when we say supercool, we mean it. to be honest, this is one of the best ones ever made we think, cuz beautiful mistress iveta had made so incredible progresses in domination you wont trust your eyes...

  • Husband Education 5

    here is the final part of the long full feature starring new lady aurora nia noxx and an unsatisfied wife. story: the wife brings his husband for a treatment to a mistress to teach him a better behaviour. after making him learn how to greet and worship a lady the slave recieved hard faceslapping, punchning, nipple twisting, nipple clamps, spitting and also trampling with and without heels it seems that he learned already a lot.

  • A Special Fruit Salad

    Lederhose und weiße Bluse

    here we have another phantastic actionclip starring gorgeous goddess countess stella. as the clip starts she sits on a throne enjoying some fruits while her slave has swing a paper to give fresh air to her. times up next for some new games with her slave. he is ordered to lay down on the ground. then cassandra putting some fruits on his chest and next she crushes it under her luxury expensive designer heels.

  • Caned By 2 Bitches

    this new clip with dominant ladies mistress cloe and lady sarah has not a big script. its a simple clip with pure pain and pleasure. pure pain for the poor slave and pure pleasure for the sadistic ladies. the slave is already well prepared on a torture rack, arms exposed, ass and legs fixed tight so movements are nearly impossible.

  • Footmassage After Shopping

    lady iveta loves to have her wonderful hot feet massaged. so this new clip here was a spontaneous clip as we did one massage clip before, but iveta wanted to do another one (the other clip will follow). so again - like in nearly all new clips with iveta - the action here is real. not much scripted. and the mistress really likes what the slave does here.

  • Husband Education 4

    here we have today part 4 (of 5) of the long husband education feature starring new mistress aurora nia noxx. the story: an unsatisfied wife brings her husband to a dominatrix to teach him a better behaviour. in the first three parts the dominatrix started by making the husband greet a lady properly, accepting pain by faceslapping, nipple twisting, punching, ballbust and nipple clamps.

  • Footmassage For The Ladies

    after beeing all day on high heel boots the feet of goddesses lady sofia and mistress nemesis are aching. but a mistress always have a good life when having slaves, cuz their slaves here are ordered to take off the boots. next both slaves are ordered to massage the hurting feet.

  • Luxury Heels Training

    gorgeous cruel mistress empress victoria is here today with her naked slave in the torture room. she relaxes a lil bit on a couch looking phantastic with snakeprint tight leggings and on her supersexy naked feet she wears superexpensive italian designer stilettos (the red sole indicates how expensive these shoes are as it was a sign for quality even several years ago...).

  • Husband Education 3

    lets go on here with 3rd part of long husband and his wife feature starring brandnew mistress lady aurora nia noxx. in the first two parts we saw a wife bringing her husband to a dominatrix to teach him some lesson and to improve his manners and behavior.

  • Husband Education 2

    here we have today the second part of the long feature with brandnew lady aurora nia noxx and a mysterious lady. just as a reminder: part 1 is already available here. a lady brings her husband to a dominatrix cuz he shown a bad attitude and behaves very bad.

  • Husband Education 1

    as we said already earlier, there will be new productions here on sadoladies and we keep our promise. and we are extremely glad to present a new mistress here with us: lets welcome german pro dom and adorable goddess aurora nia noxx!

  • The Caning Therapy

    "slaves, you know its sunday" this clip starts with these words from cruel goddess countess stella. "sunday, our caning therapy is indicated" mistress nemesis goes on as they place one of the slaves on the caning bench.

  • Hang Em - Cane Em!

    "now i punish you just for fun" is how this clip starts with beautiful and natural cruel bitch miss sarah. she has already prepared her slave in an unusual and painful position with his hanging in the air, his head to the ground.