Female Domination

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Footmassage After Shopping

lady iveta loves to have her wonderful hot feet massaged. so this new clip here was a spontaneous clip as we did one massage clip before, but iveta wanted to do another one (the other clip will follow). so again - like in nearly all new clips with iveta - the action here is real. not much scripted. and the mistress really likes what the slave does here.

he is a really good foot-massage boy and well, lets talk here for a second about slaves: in nearly any clipstores of competitors slaves are always dumb and idiotic. just to have a classic bdsm scenario. but is it really so? are all slaves stupid pathetic idiots? well, WE dont think so and in fact not many ladies we know think in that way. there are GOOD slaves outthere who are worthful, who do a good job! there are good slaves outthere, really nice and obidient and well trained. so why not let good trained and loyal slave give real rewards. our foot-fan here did a phantastic job those days!

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