German Language

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  • Caned For Bad Car Cleaning

    today we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom lady pascal. as she gets off her house and want to drive to town with her car she just needs a second to see that her car is not perfectly clean. so she orders her slave to come over and first he has to get on all fours. "i ordered you to clean the car spotless. this is real rubbish slave. get closer to the tyre! look at it! is this clean?"

  • Whipped Worker

    here we have another phantastic clip with gorgeous ladies mistress akella and black diamoond. we have a wonderful sunny evening as the ladies, dressed in leather from head to toe are on a platform watching their poor slaves naked cleaning the area on the ground.

  • Outdoor Worship

    lets go on today with a new phantastic domination clip with gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. its a wonderful evening on a sunny summer day as the mistress relaxes outdoors by smoking an electric cigarette. all the daily hard work when taming and punishing slaves until they are total exhausted needs some relaxing.

  • Bootlicking After Shopping

    here is the next clip with gorgeous rich girls mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. arrogant as usual they come home after a good shopping session finding their houseslaves waiting in the hall nearly naked as they always have to be.

  • Pure Arrogance

    here is the next clip with gorgeous goddess black diamoond. she is looking superstunning with sun glasses, a white blouse, leather gloves, leather trousers and special expensive designer ankle boots. she relaxes with her smartphone in a comfortable seat in the garden as she orders her slave to crawl over to her.

  • Outdoor Smoking

    this new clip starts outdoor in the areal of german superhot pro dom black diamoond. one of her slave is at work here by cleaning the ground while he is masked and naked.

  • Rich Girl's Bootslave

    What a nice day today, best weather to enjoy the sun. The young lady Chanel is used to spend the day with important things like make-up, styling, her finger nails and relaxing while the slaves are working hard around the mansion.

  • I Expect Perfection

    A slave does his work at the Residenz Avalon, a place for dominant women, but he is being watched by a young and dangerous Mistress. Lady Mephista, dressed in a skin tight corset and overknee boots looks at him and it is for sure, she has something in her mind.

  • Today Is Slapping Day

    "Have you been waiting for me?", Chanel asks the strong slave, whos hands are chained on his back, as she comes closer to him. She looks so stunning in her black blouse and these pair of ultra tight black leggins. Her stiletto heels make a strict and loud sound on the ground and her sun glasses gave her that arrogant look.

  • Until Totally Broken

    Story Picture

    Only a broken man is a good slave. That's Lady Lilith's way of life and she really is an expert in breaking men. Today she has her new victim in the middle of the big hall.