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  • The Punished Inspector

    again we have a wonderful story clip today starring mademoiselle de s. a building inspector comes to a house where he knocks on the door and a lady in leather is opening the door. he presents himself as an inspector and is asked for an authorisation. so after is he is let in and starts at once with the inspection. he inspects some technical things and soon finds something where he thinks its dangerous and makes an entry on his block. as he finds a pulley he asked the lady for what its for and she says its not so easy to explain. again he makes an entry in his block.

  • Sadistic Whipping

    we are in the interrogation room today with classic mistress mademoiselle de s. her slave is already bound tight as she appears and she -dressed in beautiful leather- is already armed with a single tail whip.

  • A Lesson With The Cane

    There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. Mademoiselle de S. is dressed completely in leather, she even wears black leather gloves.

  • Lick My Boots Clean

    today we have a special clip starring beautiful mistress mademoiselle de s. we filmed this outdoor. her human dog is where he has to be often - in his doghouse.

  • Boots Addicted

    A slave was ordered to come back to the classroom where Mademoiselle de S. is waiting for him. She wants to talk with him about his bad results in the last week. But while she talks to him she notices that he can't take off his eyes from her exclusive leather boots.

  • Gallery: Mademoiselle De S.

    Mademoiselle de S. preparing an interrogation of a slave in this picture set. The cruel lady is dressed in black leather and you can see the pleasant anticipation in her face already

  • A Cruel Morning

    Every morning this slave fears the same: Will his owner leave him in peace or will she make him suffer, just for her pleasure. Mademoiselle de S. is ready for the day, dressed in skin tight leather, combined with knee high boots and amazing leather gloves. All she has to do is to apply more lipstick.

  • Abused After The Work

    A slave walks slowly and ducked through the corridor in the basement. He has to carry the heavy stone that is attached to his leg irons. He returns from the fields where he had to work hard the whole day. "Faster!" A mean female voice pushes him forward and the cruel sound of a dressage whip cuts the air.

  • Answer My Question!

    A slave was able to escape from the femdom Residenz Avalon but the female administration is sure that he was supported by another slave. This boy was brought into the interrogation room, deep down in the basement. He is bound to an interrogation chair and he faces a woman fully dressed in black leather, her eyes behin black sun glasses.

  • You Need A Lesson

    This is really a stupid slave. He is sweeping the courtyard as a leather clad lady comes closer. She is pulling her bag and she looks around. Finally she asks the slave where she can find the entrance to the Residenz Avalon but the stupid answers: "Ask someone else, I am busy!"

  • Gallery: Real Life Slave

    This picture set shows real life slavery because the slave you see in this clip is the real slave of Mademoiselle de S.! Mademoiselle lays on the bed, dressed in a skin tight blue leather suit and expensive designer boots, made from black leather.

  • Abused At Midnight

    It's dark in the basement, especially in that deep hole the slave is caged in after a hard working day. It's wet and it's cold and he knows, he still can't sleep because at midnight one of the cruel women will come and abuse him. There is the sound of the church clock in the background, the lights is turned on and the sound of high heels comes closer.

  • Leather Clad Sadist

    Trying to escape from the Residenz Avalon is no good idea, even there is so much pain and suffering for a slave. Not only that an escape is impossible but also every little try will be punished without any mercy. And, if the slave has really bad luck, the punishment is done by Mademoiselle de S., who is known and feared by all slaves as the leather clad sadist.

  • Real Life Slave

    This clip shows real life slavery because the slave you see in this clip is the real slave of Mademoiselle de S.! Mademoiselle lays on the bed, dressed in a skin tight blue leather suit and expensive designer boots, made from black leather.

  • The Slave Rules

    Lessons with Mademoiselle de S. are feared by all the slaves in the slave school because this teacher is simply a sadist. Have you ever seen a teacher who enters the class room dressed in leather, wearing a mask, with a whip in her hand?

  • Gallery: The Outdoor Bootslave

    You know in a femdom world slaves often live outside the house, everytime ready to clean the boots of the ladies when they return from a walk or a shopping trip.

  • Mademoiselle de S.

    This clip introduces Mademoiselle de S., new at but well known in the scene as a private lifestyle Mistress with a big passion for leather and elegant boots.