Female Domination

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Answer My Question!

A slave was able to escape from the femdom Residenz Avalon but the female administration is sure that he was supported by another slave. This boy was brought into the interrogation room, deep down in the basement. He is bound to an interrogation chair and he faces a woman fully dressed in black leather, her eyes behin black sun glasses.

She asks him where the escaped slave is now but he has no idea. "Are you sure?", she says and continues: "You better answer my question!" She stands up and with her leather gloved fingers she squeezes his nipples very hard. He screams out loud but that was just the beginning. She now puts heavy clamps on his nipples and then she takes a needle wheel, she pulls on his nipples and she moves the wheel over his nipples.

The slave moans and cries a lot in his pain but Mademoiselle de S. is a sadist, she enjoys to hear him crying. She doesn't stop although he promises to tell everything he knows. Her screams are music in her ears and in the end she sits on the table and digs the sharp heels of her leather boots into his burnin nipples.

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