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  • Spanked And Belted Without Mercy

    another phantastic clip with mistress cloe today! she orders her slave to come over. as he didnt behave well last days he gets punished today. he has to bend over and gets first some hard spanking on his bare butt from the hands of his goddess.

  • The Spiked Belt

    After Mistress Akella has lifted up the slaves legs, she walks around her victim and asks with a soft voice: "Do you know what that is, slave?" She has the spiked belt in her leather gloved hand but the slave can't answer, he fears her too much.

  • Flogged And Belted By The Bikerlady

    today we have here a new part of our "bikerlady"-series starring again gorgeous mistress cloe. her slave is already bound to a lifting block and mistress cloe brings his arms up first.

  • Brits Belt Best

    today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom and very popular lady mistress whiplash. she comes home after a wonderful night in club ordering her slave to come over.

  • Helpless And Whipped Hard

    here we have the next clip with hard punishment. starring adorable mistress ezada she is dressed in black leather. her slave is already prepared lying on a punishment bench, tied to it with leather straps.

  • A Hard Belting

    supersadistic lady mistress ezada is in a punishment mode today. and when this mistress is in punishment mode this usually means a suffering from hell for every slave.

  • Brutal Belting By 2 Sadists

    time for a double dose thrashing today! we have british pro doms mistress whiplash and miss jessica today dishing out a punishment to remember. they bring their victim into the hall, both dressed in white blouses, corsets, riding trousers and leather boots.

  • Hot But Cruel

    It's summer time and Mistress Akella is dressed ultra hot in latex and stockings that her slave would do anything for her. Akella wears a red latex top and a black latex garter belt combined with seamed stockings and dangerous high heels, that makes her slim legs even longer.

  • Thank Me For Beating You!

    The spoiled Empress Victoria returns from a ride an now she relaxes in the her big chair. She is in the mood to make a male suffer, that's why one of her slave was brought to her, who is bound now and laying on the ground. A perfect and helpless victim for the blond sadist.

  • Belted By Young Sarah

    Looks like Sarah really is pissed off by that slave who was told to keep the hall clean. But from her point of view he is just a lazy guy, who needs punishment. The more punishment the better. She kicks him forward and orders him to stay down while she opens the belt that is on her hot hips.

  • Young Girl's Belt

    This clip starts with young Miss Tess preparing herself for making her slave suffer. She looks at herself in the mirror, making her hair and laying a leather belt around her waist. She wears skin tight black leggings and a black top, combined with her favourite high heels. Dressed like that she feels ready to abuse a slave for her own satisfaction.

  • Gallery: Spy Whipping

    Lady Chanel wants to get informations from a catched spy and you can be sure she knows how to make him talk. Dressed in sking tight leggings and high heels, she will beat him with a whip and her belt.

  • Doubled Pain

    A prisoner kneels down on the floor, facing the wall. His bottom is already painted red from previous beatings and whippings. But there is still much more to come. Two young ladies enter the hall, dressed in skin tigh army outfits. And believe me, just the look at these ladies and how they walk on their stiletto heels is worth to watch this clip.

  • Belted By Young Riding Lady

    There is a big difference between Chanel and the other girls from the riding club: When she returns home there will be a slave!

  • Gallery: Belted By The Guards

    Story Picture

    Two young and sadistic guards have fun with a slave who is beaten with a leather belt by one lady while the other one holds him down on a chain.

  • Gallery: Unfair Belting

    Story Picture

    What a nice position for a slave! Domina Liza has lifted up his feet so he lays helpless on the ground, prepared to be punished. Liza is wearing skin tight leather trousers and a skin tight white blouse.

  • The Caught Jailbreakers

    These 2 stupid boys tried to breakout from Madame Charlotte's jail but they were caught by the sadistic Mistress. They are bounced back into their prison.

  • Unfair Belting

    Story Picture

    What a nice position for a slave! Domina Liza has lifted up his feet so he lays helpless on the ground, prepared to be punished. Liza is wearing skin tight leather trousers and a skin tight white blouse.

  • Cruel Girl Belting

    Story Picture

    Late at night Lady Chanel visits the cellar, dressed in skin tight leather leggins and bitchy stiletto heels. She kicks her sleeping slave very hard and turns on the light.

  • Spiked Belt Whipping

    Story Picture

    Lady Ice is a sadist and she enjoys to make her slave suffer. She has decided that it's time for a good belting and she orders her slave to get on all fours.