Whipping & Caning

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Belted By Young Riding Lady

There is a big difference between Chanel and the other girls from the riding club: When she returns home there will be a slave!

The arrogant lady still wears her breath taking jodhpurs and expensive overknee boots as she walks closer to the slave, who was chained to a post during her ride. She asks him if he is awaiting her already although she knows that he fears her return. She presents him a nice leather belt and he tries a compliment: "That belt is to wide for you, Mistress Chanel!", he says. "Of course", she hisses at him. "I am not going to wear it but I am going to whip you with that belt now!"

No sooner said than done. She is in the mood to whip someone and he will be the plaything for the mean lady. He is ordered to go down on all fours, the selfished Mistress walks around him until she has found the best position. And then the beating starts...

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