Whipping & Caning

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Belted By Young Sarah

Looks like Sarah really is pissed off by that slave who was told to keep the hall clean. But from her point of view he is just a lazy guy, who needs punishment. The more punishment the better. She kicks him forward and orders him to stay down while she opens the belt that is on her hot hips.

Sarah looks so sexy in her skinny jeans, the high heels, the black top and with her long hair open. She puts one foot on that slave and starts whipping his ass with the leather belt. He will learn that he has to do what he is told to do. She slowly walks around him and keeps beating him with the belt.

The slave starts moaning and moving forward, he tries to escape but Sarah pinches him down with her high heels. She is still not satisfied with him, although he promises that he will work harder next time. More leashes will help him to keep that promise in his mind.

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