Female Domination

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Young Girl's Belt

This clip starts with young Miss Tess preparing herself for making her slave suffer. She looks at herself in the mirror, making her hair and laying a leather belt around her waist. She wears skin tight black leggings and a black top, combined with her favourite high heels. Dressed like that she feels ready to abuse a slave for her own satisfaction.

As she enters the room, a slave is already bound to the wall. She smiles at him and presents her new belt to him. She says she is sure that he will like it. He says that she can't punish him again but the young Mistress just laughts at him. She can and she will beat him whenever she wants.

And so sha starts to beat his ass with the belt. She slave jumps in pain and tries to escape but there is no chance. He is bound to the rack. But even without the chains the strict voice of that mean girl would keep him in position. And Tess beats him harder and harder... it feels like hours until she is satisfied. For now. With a mean smile she puts the belt to the rack next to him, so he can watch it until she returns for another beating...

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