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Brits Belt Best

today we have another phantastic clip starring british pro dom and very popular lady mistress whiplash. she comes home after a wonderful night in club ordering her slave to come over.

"was a wonderful night slave, but i am a bit bored now. i thought i am going to hurt you. that sounds fun to me. so present your ass to me slave. yes... i like to hurt you before i finally go to bed. thats perfect." she next unlashes her belt and starts to thrash the living daylights out of her slave. "i am looking forward to this. should be really good fun. does it hurt slave?" "yes miss" "good, i just warm up my arm". then she takes off her shoes. "thats better". and now she swings the belt harder down on the slave where some bruises appear pretty fast. the slave starts to moan but this encourages the mistress only to belt him harder and harder and harder until she is satisfied in the end. at least the slave has to kiss the cruel hands of his punisher before he is released and the mistress goes to bed.

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