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  • Gallery: Aurora Nia Noxx

    Aurora Nia Noxx in a hot latex dress

    Hot picture gallery with Mistress Aurora Nia Noxx from Hamburg, Germany. 39 beautiful images of her wearing a short uniform latex dress.

  • Going For Vanilla, But… FULL VERSION

    here we offer today the complete and full version of our vanilla-series to you. we know that some of you out there love to get a full length feature if its available so this one is for you. so this here is the full length version of lady aurora applying some extreme vicious punishment.

  • Going For Vanilla, But… 3

    time for part 3 of our „vanilla feature“. after some serious treatment with clamps lady aurora plays now with his balls, squeezing and twisting them around. the client howls out very loud now. next she uses a leather paddle to spank his nipples and cock a lil bit, but this is not enough pain to her so she has another cruel game in her mind as she uses some clamps again. again they are applied to his nipples and on his cock, but this time her paddle goes then into action to whip them off. one by one. as they are pretty tight on his cock and nipples she has some difficulties here but she doesnt give up.

  • Extreme Treatment FULL VERSION

    usually we film clips by a duration about 5-10 minutes and usually we script them with our actors. in the case of newest lady aurora nia noxx we decided to film a lil different as we filmed some longer sessions. so this here is the full length version of lady aurora applying some extreme vicious punishment.

  • Husband Education 5

    here is the final part of the long full feature starring new lady aurora nia noxx and an unsatisfied wife. story: the wife brings his husband for a treatment to a mistress to teach him a better behaviour. after making him learn how to greet and worship a lady the slave recieved hard faceslapping, punchning, nipple twisting, nipple clamps, spitting and also trampling with and without heels it seems that he learned already a lot.

  • A Judical Caning 2

    Sub mit Rohrstock

    some of you surely have been waiting for the second part of the EXTREMELY hard judical caning with cruel mistress Lady Aurora Nia Noxx. well... here it is! and its even more severe than the first part. remember the story... in the state femdomina all males are low creatures and recieve punishment for any lack of obidience.

  • Going For Vanilla, But… 2

    2nd part of our vanilla-story is here. for the start look for the description in first part. our client is still on the cross with clamps attached on his nipples. now the mistress take down his trousers playing with his small pathetic prick humiliating him also with words: „with this lil one you want to fuck?“.

  • A Face Made For Slapping

    Here is the next clip in cooporation with our friends from femdomfoto starring natural dominant mistress Lady Aurora Nix Noxx. she has a bad day and is very frustrated. so its good to her, that she has a personal punishment slave to dish out her frustrations. and she is in the mood to do this today by hard faceslapping.

  • Trampling With No Mercy

    here is another phantastic new clip with newest goddess lady aurora nia noxxx. this time she would love to inflict pain by trampling. but first lets have a look how gorgeous lady aurora looks in a wonderful dress that emphase her female curves pretty wonderful. what an honour for any slave to be in service of such a wonderful lady.

  • Pure Suffering

    time for another wonderful classic femdom action clip with new lady aurora nia noxx! this one was the last we filmed on our date and although the victim was already in serious trouble and recieved a lot of painful treatments that day lady aurora still was not satisfied. lets talk a lil bit about lady aurora: she is not only a beautiful woman with incredible beautiful crystal clear blue eyes and a wonderful body, we can assure you that she really enjoys to inflict pain. she is for sure natural dominant!

  • A Judical Caning 1

    scenario: we are in the state called "femdomina", where males are only low creatures that have to serve orders from all ladies. if one fails and the applied punishment by his owner failed to bring a better behaviour the male creature is ordered to a court. this creature in our clip here were already there and the judge (female of course) sentenced the creature to a judical caning.

  • Husband Education 4

    here we have today part 4 (of 5) of the long husband education feature starring new mistress aurora nia noxx. the story: an unsatisfied wife brings her husband to a dominatrix to teach him a better behaviour. in the first three parts the dominatrix started by making the husband greet a lady properly, accepting pain by faceslapping, nipple twisting, punching, ballbust and nipple clamps.

  • Inverted And Punished

    next clip with newest mistress aurora nia noxx is here and again its a masterpiece. as usual we filmed it in a wonderful location, a studio in germany. lady aurora looks absolutely superstunning wearing a green army style tight latex robe and high heels.

  • Husband Education 3

    lets go on here with 3rd part of long husband and his wife feature starring brandnew mistress lady aurora nia noxx. in the first two parts we saw a wife bringing her husband to a dominatrix to teach him some lesson and to improve his manners and behavior.

  • Extreme Treatment 2

    here is the continuation of extreme treatment 1 already available here. in the first part lady aurora already slapped, flogged and whipped the slave very harsh, but in this part the action increases furthermore. now she takes out a long whippy riding crop and whip his ass and back with very hard strokes. the slave moans louder and louder but is very grateful of this treatment.

  • Extreme Treatment 1

    here we have the next feature with newest lady aurora nia noxx. in this one her slave is already awaiting her kneeling in her cage. first she takes him out of the cage and apply some serious slaps to his pathetic face. she also uses leather gloves here and slaps him so hard that she looses her gloves by slapping which she think is pretty funny.

  • Going For Vanilla, But…1

    here we start today with another interesting story clip with new mistress lady aurora nia noxx! story: a man is going to a lady. he read her advertising in a newspaper. he is really in the mood for a good fucking and after he saw the images of aurora he is even more. so in the nice looking small room he talks about his wishes and what he wants to do.

  • Gallery: Aurora

    Todays update is a big picture set of our brand new lady mistress Aurora Nia Noxx. A blonde bombshell wearing an ultrahot outfit combining sinful lace, fishnet and satin. Check out this wonderful set and enjoy as much as we did!

  • Husband Education 2

    here we have today the second part of the long feature with brandnew lady aurora nia noxx and a mysterious lady. just as a reminder: part 1 is already available here. a lady brings her husband to a dominatrix cuz he shown a bad attitude and behaves very bad.

  • Husband Education 1

    as we said already earlier, there will be new productions here on sadoladies and we keep our promise. and we are extremely glad to present a new mistress here with us: lets welcome german pro dom and adorable goddess aurora nia noxx!