Whipping & Caning

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A Judical Caning 1

scenario: we are in the state called "femdomina", where males are only low creatures that have to serve orders from all ladies. if one fails and the applied punishment by his owner failed to bring a better behaviour the male creature is ordered to a court. this creature in our clip here were already there and the judge (female of course) sentenced the creature to a judical caning.

today is the date, where he has to apply in the institute for punishment and correction. aurora awaits the victim, reads the verdict and then the punishment will be dished out by he: 50 strokes with the standard cane, a break for an hour, where he has to be bound over the punishment bench and can think about his mistakes and then 50 with a thick judcial punishment cane. if he is late (and he is...) he gets extras... in this first part of this long feature the first 50 strokes are dished out, and hell....they are really dished out. aurora is merciless with the creature (who is n fact a masochist, that can take a lot of punishment), bringing the victim to cry... but as this is a judcial punishment there is no mercy for the victim. the punishment will be dished out til its fully done! excellent and very severe clip with a top pro dom! part 2 will be available soon!

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