Female Domination

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The Slave Rules

Lessons with Mademoiselle de S. are feared by all the slaves in the slave school because this teacher is simply a sadist. Have you ever seen a teacher who enters the class room dressed in leather, wearing a mask, with a whip in her hand?

Today's lesson are the slave rules. These are rules every slave has to know if he serves a lady. Mademoiselle de S. reads them in front of the class and after reading them once she really expects the slaves to repeat them all. She speaks with a very soft voice but she is a devil. She ask for specific rules. She wants to hear rule number five or rule number 8. Nobody can learn so fast. That's reason enough for her to punish the slave students. She uses faceslaps, nipple torture or her whip.

She really abuses the power she has over them. And her soft voice between the punishments make her much more dangerous. Even today, as asks the slave with a soft voice and a nice smile in her face to repeat the rules in french now. And she has her whip already in her leather gloved hand...

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