German Language

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  • Whipped Worker

    here we have another phantastic clip with gorgeous ladies mistress akella and black diamoond. we have a wonderful sunny evening as the ladies, dressed in leather from head to toe are on a platform watching their poor slaves naked cleaning the area on the ground.

  • Worship 2 Goddesses

    we are again in the slave farm today as mistress akella enters bringing a present to german mistress blackdiamoond. the slave starts where a slave has to start getting on all fours and lick the leather boots of the mistress.

  • Cane Education

    we are back in slave school again here with gorgeous german pro dom mistress blackdiamoond. as this is the second part just a reminder for the first part as the pupils were ordered to worship her and lick her high heels clean.

  • Pure Arrogance

    here is the next clip with gorgeous goddess black diamoond. she is looking superstunning with sun glasses, a white blouse, leather gloves, leather trousers and special expensive designer ankle boots. she relaxes with her smartphone in a comfortable seat in the garden as she orders her slave to crawl over to her.

  • Slapped For Lousy Working

    there is always work to do for a slave and the work never stops. our slave here was ordered to clean the outdoor area of the centre of correction where cruel ladies like mistress akella and black diamoond rule.

  • Outdoor Smoking

    this new clip starts outdoor in the areal of german superhot pro dom black diamoond. one of her slave is at work here by cleaning the ground while he is masked and naked.

  • Lick My Boots After Shopping

    gorgeous german pro dom comes home after a shopping tour. she is dressed in casual clothings. on her feet are personal high heel black leather boots. she walks to the dog cave and gets out her slave dog out of the box.

  • Heelworship In The Classroom

    we are back in the slave school today with superhot german pro dom black diamoond. on the calkboard is written: heel-worship and caning. the caning was already offered for you in our store here, so today its time for the worship action.

  • There Is No Escape

    We are today in the slave farm of cruel mistresses. its hidden outside in a secret area in germany. by accident a cage of one slave of this farm was open and he is a lil bit surprised that he is free.

  • You Are My Ashtray

    new clip with adorable german pro dom black diamoond. she relaxes on a black throne and orders her slave to offer her a cigarette.

  • Gallery: The Caning Teacher

    welcome in the slave school! being a little school boy under lady black diamoonds high heels is not easy. they are caned, humiliated and have to clean up their teachers shoes the whole school day. enjoy this gallery of one of the most beautiful mistresses you have ever seen!

  • Slapping The Idiot

    here we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom black diamoond. 2 slaves are involved in this clip.

  • Smoking Not Allowed

    A young student lights up her cigarette on the empty terrace of the school. It's the arrogant Blackdiamoond who is dressed really bitchy, too much bitchy for a student: A pair skin tight leather trousers, amazing high heels and a white blouse that shows off her belly and black bra.

  • Maybe

    This clip is for the lovers of black leather and it's the first time you will see Mistress Akella and Mistress Blackdiamoond together. The blond and the black haired beauties are completely dressed in black leather. They are down in the basement and Blackdiamoond pulls one of the slave out of his small room.

  • Instructions To Ruined Orgasm

    This is one of our very rare masturbation instruction clips. You kneel in front of the young Mistress Blackdiamoond, who is dressed in a short dress and her high heels only. Her legs are naked and between them, she has a big rubber dick.

  • Come Here, Ashtray!

    You may already know that the young Mistress Blackdiamoond is the embodiment of arrogance. "Ashtray, come here!", she says with a dismissive voice and her slave enters the room. She looks down at him, at the heavy marks on his ass and she says: "Boy, your ass looks terrible!" and then she laughts at him because they both know that these marks are from an earlier whipping.

  • Kicking The Plumber

    It looks like this plumber enjoyed hisself in the bathroom of Lady Blackdiamoond's dungeon. As the young Mistress came to look athis work, she found him naked in the shower sniffing at her stockings.

  • The Dominant Student

    A young female student enters the room where students are kept in after school. From the first moment the teacher is confused and nervous, because this beauty wears a very short and tight dress, much too high heels and too much make up for the school. It's Blackdiamoond, who slouches on the bench now and says that she is here for detention.

  • Red Cane Beating

    A slave is bound to the punishment bench and the young but known as very strict Mistress Blackdiamoond is sitting in a big chair. Blackdiamoond is dressed in black leather and she is reading the punishment book for this day.

  • I Have To Hurt You

    This slave has been impolite. At least from Mistress Blackdiamoonds point of view. Maybe she wants just a reason to punish him but who cares. She makes the rules.