Female Domination

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Slapped For Lousy Working

there is always work to do for a slave and the work never stops. our slave here was ordered to clean the outdoor area of the centre of correction where cruel ladies like mistress akella and black diamoond rule.

he was ordered to do it right in time, but obviously he is a pathetic worker and has not finished as the ladies - dressed in hot black leather -appear. he says he works hard but this doesnt matter what he is saying. when a slave does not what he was told to he needs of course some encouragment. and a slave brain reacts only on pain. so our ladies slap his pathetic face, black diamoond starts with bare hands, but soon mistress akella gets in and slaps his face with her leather gloves. his face gets red soon and is already bright red as its next time for raven haired black diamoond. well, three persons here, 2 have one, now guess how is in trouble now.

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