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  • His First Ball Busting - Part 2

    This clip is the other part of the ball busting story with Nikki Whiplash and the slave whos balls are kicked and abused for the first time. And the action gets harder and harder.

  • His First Ball Busting - Part 1

    This boy is rather adventurous or totally crazy. He asked Mistress Whiplash for his first time ballbusting and of course, the mean lady agreed. She promised not to wear fetish clothes but how she presents herself makes his dick hard from the first second.

  • Full Body Whipping

    This slave is in trouble. His cruel owner Mistress Jessica, who is known for severe punishments, has decided that's time for a full body whipping. She says that it's needed because of his bad behaviour but this slave is a brave boy and the real reason is that the sadistic woman just want to whip his well trained body for her own pleasure.

  • Today Is Slapping Day

    "Have you been waiting for me?", Chanel asks the strong slave, whos hands are chained on his back, as she comes closer to him. She looks so stunning in her black blouse and these pair of ultra tight black leggins. Her stiletto heels make a strict and loud sound on the ground and her sun glasses gave her that arrogant look.

  • None Of Your Excuses

    Countess Stella returns from a female friend and she looks so stunning. The blond goddess wear skin tight leather trousers, a leather corsage, boots and long gloves. She calls her slave and immediately starts to call him names.

  • Strong Man Trashed

    This clip is hard to describe. Let's say it so: After the shooting was done, Faye and Cloe were still in a cruel mood and her sadistic desires were not satisfied. That's why they decided to take the strong slave again and do all the bad things to him they wanted.

  • Ashtray For Her Pleasure

    There is not a lot to say about this clip. It's a clip about a woman who has so much pleasure in hurting males and make them suffer.

  • Useless Cock Punishment

    This clip introduces Miss Jessica Wood, a well know dominatrix from UK and a very well known expert in punishing males. This clip is perfect for Jessica, wo is the owner of an escort agency where rich business women can book male models for the evening and the night.

  • The Chair Of Pain

    When we entered the metal room during a shooting, Mistress Ezada was really delighted and she immediately said that she wants to see the slave suffer on that special steel chair.

  • Whipping The Peeper

    "Look at this disgusting stable boy!", Cloe says as she and Sarah enters the hall. The spoiled girls return from a ride, still dressed in their skin tight and dominant jodhpurs, stiletto heeled boots and spurs. They have bullwhips in their hands and it seems that they want to have some cruel fun with that poor boy.

  • The Slave Rules

    Lessons with Mademoiselle de S. are feared by all the slaves in the slave school because this teacher is simply a sadist. Have you ever seen a teacher who enters the class room dressed in leather, wearing a mask, with a whip in her hand?

  • Face Slapping Marathon

    "Did you wait for me?", Lady Faye asks he strong man who is chained to the wall and this question says a lot abou that mean lady, Asking that question to a chained man, dressed in black leather... only a mean and sadistic woman can ask such a question.

  • Ruined By His Cruel Wife

    Back in the cellar where Ella Kros is the cruel wife who enjoys being in charge over her husband. She has dressed in a skin tight latex body that is half see-through and she knows that drives him crazy.

  • Cold Night Whipping

    "It's such a cold night, isn't it, slave? You are already shaking!", the Hunteress says with a smile as she steps closer to the slave. She is dressed complete in black leather, no good sign for slaves.