Whipping & Caning

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Full Body Whipping

This slave is in trouble. His cruel owner Mistress Jessica, who is known for severe punishments, has decided that's time for a full body whipping. She says that it's needed because of his bad behaviour but this slave is a brave boy and the real reason is that the sadistic woman just want to whip his well trained body for her own pleasure.

Jessica wears a skin tight skirt and her low cut jacket. The result is a permanent small erection so also the slave's dick is presented to her whip. A full body whipping means that she whips his complete body with her short single tail. There is no exception. No part of his body he could hide.

It doesn't take a long time and the slave jumps in pain everytime the cruel whip bits into his skin.And you can be sure that Jessica doesn't waste a lot of time with his back. Again and again she whips his inner thighs and testicles.

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