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  • Worship My Heels

    Stella lässt sich die Sohlen lecken

    this new clip starts with a very closeup view to the soles of goddess countess stella. and as we can see she often wears these heels cuz they are very very dirty under the soles. as dirt is inacceptable she orders her slave tol lick it all off.

  • A Special Fruit Salad

    Lederhose und weiße Bluse

    here we have another phantastic actionclip starring gorgeous goddess countess stella. as the clip starts she sits on a throne enjoying some fruits while her slave has swing a paper to give fresh air to her. times up next for some new games with her slave. he is ordered to lay down on the ground. then cassandra putting some fruits on his chest and next she crushes it under her luxury expensive designer heels.

  • Under My New Boots

    rauchende Domina in schwarzen Stiefeln

    hot mistress countess stella comes home from shopping looking phantastic as usual wearing furs, leather and new wonderful high heel leather boots on her gorgeous feet and legs. she had a real good day whith shopping and so on but now her day even gets better as her slave lying on the ground already awaiting her treatment.

  • Trampling The Cleaner

    here is the next actionclip starring well know goddess countess stella. she expects always her home to be perfectly clean and her houseslave has to take care of it 24 hours/day. in this clip he is naked on all fours cleaning the ground but he is too slow.

  • Waxing My Name

    here we have the next clip starring mistress stella! today she has a special idea and needs her slave for that. he lies already on the floor and we can see some nice marks from earlier treatment on his ass. she takes out a candle and starts to let it drop onto his body. as the slave moans out under the waxing she starts to laugh. obviously she is having some good fun now while the slave has some problems.

  • A Very Intense And Cruel Game

    countess stella looks absolutely phantastic in a white blouse, a red tie, a red corset a leather skirt and high heel sandals as she claps her hands ordering her slave to crawl over to her. she explains her idea for today: "well slave, we will play a very funny game today, funny for me of course!"

  • The Shoe Fetching Game

    next actionclip starring goddesses mistress stella and nemesis! our bitches are in the mood to play some games with her slaves. the game is simple: stella throws away one of her shoes through all the room and the slave has to fetch it as fast as he can - of course crawling on all fours and by his mouth.

  • Matriarchiat - The Whipping

    next phantastic clip starring beautiful countess stella and nemesis and its the next sequel of our new matriarchiat series... remember... our victim was accused by judge nemesis for several nasty things he did in the state where women rule and as he didnt gave in he was caned very hard by officer cassandra.

  • Matriarchiat - The Caning

    its year 2100 now... in the future... after stupid men get human mankind near to end with the 3rd big war (partially nuclear) in 2060 that were the last decisions men made, cuz after it woman get the might all over the planet... starting on governements in those areas were mankind can live and it was getting through the whole society...

  • Fat Slave Gets His Hands Strapped

    here we have another phantastic clip with strict teachers cassandra aka mistress stella and nemesis. they order today their pupil hans into the room. "you are too fat. you dont do sports. you eat way too many sweets all day. this isnt acceptable."

  • Double Faceslapping

    today we have a phantastic VERY HARD faceslapping clip starring sadistic mistresses countes stella and mistress nemesis. both ladies looking absolut hot totally dressed in leather from head to toe! as they enter the hall of the mansion they have 2 slaves on a leash on all fours.

  • Lick Our Riding Boots

    here we have another phantastic clip starring our well known and feared dominant duo cassandra aka mistress stella and nemesis. as they were in their stables today they are dressed in their riding outfits while they sit down and order their slaves to crawl over to them.

  • Punished For Bad Cleaning

    we are very glad to present cassandra again! together with her friend nemesis we made a lot of phantastic stuff starting today. this first one is with cassandra solo. her slave is cleaning the room with a brush as cassandra enters. she looks superhot in a red leather robe with black leather boots with a double golden sole and heel.

  • Testing New Slaves

    mistress nemesis and countess stella have bought three new slaves from the slave marked today. it seems that they are a good buy, but before beeing save the slaves has to be tested.

  • The Balance Game Of Pain

    in this clip both ladies wearing leather and boots and nemesis announces that she has an idea: "i love my slave to balance a glass of water. when he drops the water on the ground he gets punished."

  • Whipped For Missing Sports

    next actionclip is here starring beautiful strict officers cassanra aka mistress stella and nemesis. as they are entering their soldiers are already prepared, bending over chairs having their butts exposed. those stupid idiots missed sports in their education.

  • The Caning Therapy

    "slaves, you know its sunday" this clip starts with these words from cruel goddess countess stella. "sunday, our caning therapy is indicated" mistress nemesis goes on as they place one of the slaves on the caning bench.

  • Guess Who Is Whipping You

    today we have another phantastic clip with beautiful dominant mistresses cassandra aka mistress stella and nemesis. both ladies are dressed in supersexy uniform catsuit.

  • The Arrogant Countess

    There is no reason small enough not to punish a slave. That's the first rule in Countess Stella's mansion. In fact, she doesn't need a reason to punish the slave but it is much more fun to punish him fer even the smallest mistakes.

  • The Model Agency

    This clip shows what happens to a brave man who applys for a job as a secretary in a model agancy. Nothing special, you could say, but not, if Mistress Nemesis and Stella are the owners of the agency.