Female Domination

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Today Is Slapping Day

"Have you been waiting for me?", Chanel asks the strong slave, whos hands are chained on his back, as she comes closer to him. She looks so stunning in her black blouse and these pair of ultra tight black leggins. Her stiletto heels make a strict and loud sound on the ground and her sun glasses gave her that arrogant look.

"I'm sure you already know what I have prepared for you!", she says with a litthe smile and before he can answer he gets the first hard face slap. Chanel starts slowly, but just for a short moment. Very soon she uses both hands for the first salvo of hard face slaps.

She allows him a small break while she walks around him but he has to follow her. He always has to present his face to the young but cruel lady so she can start over with the next face slaps everytime. And she will slap him, again and again.

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