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  • Wealthy Women Club

    The wealthy women club is a club for rich and dominant women. The club is disguised as a riding club but behind cloed doors there are men who live their life as slaves and the wealthy ladies can do with them whatever they want.

  • Rich Bitches' Toy

    Everytime Lady Blackstone visits her friend Mistress Jenna, the house slave has a bad time. The busty ladies sit in the salon and enjoy a glas of champagne while the talk about the last days. And of course, like all rich bitches they talk about shoes.

  • Pay More, Uncle!

    Do you remember Chanel's uncle who is addicted to his young niece and her way to wear stiletto high heels? It's a hot summer day, Chanel relaxes in a big chair as she gets a phone call from her uncle. He wants to whorship her high heels again. Chanel agrees but she reminds him to bring a lot of money.

  • Gallery: Nikki's Bootslave

    A lady like Mistress Nikki Whiplash, who wears expensive designer boots only, needs a slave who takes care of her boots. Her boots are the reason he is living for...

  • The Malicious Landlady 2

    Do you remember the luxury landlady who increased the rent so much that a young man was no longer able to pay? She offered him a special payment. She opened her handbag and took out a thin bullwhip.

  • The Missing Car

    rich ladies countess constance and lady dana are relaxing on the sofa in their mansion. as it is a fine day and they are in a good mood, they want to drive to town and do some shopping, so they order their house buttler james to come over.

  • Bossy Business Lady

    Do you know that kind of bossy business ladies who are used to be in charge and who expect that they get everything they want? Like Lady Pascal, who returns from a meeting in her expensive car, already hooting because her butler doesn't appear immediately although he should her the sound of the big engine.

  • Flogged By 2 Bitches

    our cruel mistresses lady constance and lady dana are in a very bad mood today. both dressed in sexy outfits they order their pathetic house buttler of their mansion to come over and get undressed.

  • Whipping The Sniffer

    This slave was told to private Akella's private room for her return from the city. As he is finnished, he can't resist, he opens the drawer and starts sniffing Akella's underwear. So close to his Mistress he realises too late that Akella enters the room and so he is caught.

  • Immediate Caning

    Will this stupid slave ever learn? He was told to polish Lady Pascal's expensive sports car but he is doing that without passion and he does a lot of jokes. So many canings seem to show no effort. Exactly as he rubbs his ass against the car, his female owner leaves the house.

  • The Malicious Landlady

    As the bell rings, the young man opens the door of his flat. It's his landlady who wants to talk with him, so he guides her into his living room. The rich lady is dressed in snake skin leather: Her designer boots, her dress and even the short gloves. She really loves to show her wealth.

  • Sharp Heels Trampling

    The young and hot Miss Tess comes into the room where her slave is laying on the ground, ready to be abused by the mean girl. Tess is dressed in a sexy, skin tight and short dress and a pair of breathtaking GML leather boots.

  • Useless Chauffeur

    This chauffeur is either crazy or useless. Mistress Nikki wants to meet a friend in the city, she is already dressed perfectly in her skin tight black dress and matching designer high heels. As she calls the chauffeur he tells her that the car is not ready.

  • Mean And Arrogant

    The vainly and spoiled Countess Stella sits on the big leather chair in one of the colonial style in her mansion. She is dressed like wealthy women love to dress theirself: In expensive and skin tight leather, jewelry over her long leather gloves, perfect make up and her. And of course, with a glas of champagne in her hand.

  • The New Housekeeper

    As the new houskeeper comes into the small meeting room he already has that feeling that there is something different in that house. The arrogant landlady, who guided him into the room is, is dressed in a skin tight snake leather dress, matching overknee boots and short gloved. She wears a lot of expensive jewelry and she speaks with a low but dominant voice.

  • Gallery: Countess Stella

    First picture set with the unique and adorable Countess Stella. Do you like expensive clothes and exclusiv designer boots? Have a look at Stella's outfit!