Female Domination

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Useless Chauffeur

This chauffeur is either crazy or useless. Mistress Nikki wants to meet a friend in the city, she is already dressed perfectly in her skin tight black dress and matching designer high heels. As she calls the chauffeur he tells her that the car is not ready.

His advise for Nikki is to go by taxi. Can you believe that? Of course, Mistress Nikki is more than upset. She orders him down on his knees and immediately he gets some hard face slaps. Of course, he realizes his mistake very soon but it's too late now. His punishment has just begun.

Slapping faces is one of Nikki's favourite actions and once she has started, she doesn't stop after a few slaps. Again and again she delivers salvos of hard slaps to his face, his head is shaking from one side to the other and his face turns into a nice red color. Next time, he will think twice before he talks to his Mistress.

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