Human Ashtrays

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Wealthy Women Club

The wealthy women club is a club for rich and dominant women. The club is disguised as a riding club but behind cloed doors there are men who live their life as slaves and the wealthy ladies can do with them whatever they want.

Watch Lady Cloe in this clip who just returned from a ride and who wants to enjoy a cigarette before she leaves the club. She enters the bar room, sits down and calls for a slave. This male has to kneel down and light up her cigarette. Why should a rich woman do that by herself?

You can imagine that these males are always very nervous in the presence of a dominant rich women. So it doesn't astonish that this boy forgot the ashtray. As always in the club, such problems become problems for the slave, painful problems. In this case, the slave is abused by Cloe as a human ashtray...

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