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Pay More, Uncle!

Do you remember Chanel's uncle who is addicted to his young niece and her way to wear stiletto high heels? It's a hot summer day, Chanel relaxes in a big chair as she gets a phone call from her uncle. He wants to whorship her high heels again. Chanel agrees but she reminds him to bring a lot of money.

As the uncle arrives, he can't resists the young Mistress. Chanel wears ultra thin and extreme high stiletto heels. He wants to lick and kiss them so much but first he has to pay the mean girl. Every minute she wants another banknote. More and more and more. And while she watches her perverted uncle sucking at her heels, she has a devilish idea.

Her uncle is just licking the soles of her expensive boots as she takes her smartphone and takes a picture of him. Kneeling at her feet, worshipping her high heels. From now on, he will do everything she wants. He will pay her whenever she wants and how much she wants. Otherwise she will send this photo to his wife. What a nice idea...

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